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Seamless expert solutions to boost telepresence

Article-Seamless expert solutions to boost telepresence

Supplied Proximie
PxLens by Proximie offers an uninterrupted first-person view of procedures in the operating theatre.

Proximie has been at the forefront of innovation in the healthcare space, providing tech-driven software solutions to help aspiring and practicing surgeons across the globe overcome certain challenges that plague their profession. Among these is working in remote collaborative environments with low bandwidth, which often leads to poor visual clarity and network lags that make it difficult to follow a real-time procedure in the operating theater. Proximie’s healthcare platform not only provides reliable telepresence for up to 50 participants and viewers, but also gives medical professionals access to data insights and content management from the operating room.

“The infrastructure was designed in a way so that any other modules could be plugged into the same platform through APIs, giving users an integrated platform in one place,” said Bassem F. Hashash, Regional Director META (Middle East, Turkey, and Africa) and APAC, Managing Partner — Proximie SAL.

01 Bassem F. Hashash, Regional Director-min.jpg

Bassem F. Hashash

The latest addition to Proximie’s portfolio is the PxLens, which is a pair of hands-free smart glasses that allows surgeons freedom of movement in the operating room and provides viewers a first-person perspective of activities taking place in the environment.

“We designed the software that integrates the third-party manufactured wearable into our Proximie platform, making it one of the four video feeds. Rather than having cameras on different sides, viewers have an intimate view of procedures through the doctor’s eyes,” said Hashash.

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Proximie is passionate about improving outcomes, productivity, and patient safety. This is why its solutions have integrated features that are both user-friendly, interactive, and accessible. Its platform seamlessly connects to devices such as an endoscope or surgical robots to ensure crisp video feeds with unimpeded views. “Our solutions allow the integration of different medical devices and give junior doctors a comfortable view of the surgeries performed by specialists. This aids in knowledge enhancement,” he added.

Proximie is also on a mission to integrate its solutions into developing countries where access to hospitals and trained doctors is limited.

“We are now associated with different global health organizations and are active in the African continent. In Kenya, for example, we set up a presence in five hospitals to address the high morbidity rate among pregnant women undergoing a C-section,” he said.

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Hashash shared that thousands of surgeries have been conducted and recorded via Proximie’s platform to date, boasting a presence in around 500 hospitals in 50 countries across five continents.

“Few companies provide telepresence, few do video processing and management, while others take the data and create insights. What truly sets Proximie apart is that we provide a multitude of services all in one platform. We work directly with hospitals and medical device companies to enhance the field of professional education,” he concluded.

This article appears in Omnia Health magazine. Read the full issue online today.

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