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Webinar: Modalities to preserve fertility

Webinar-Webinar: Modalities to preserve fertility

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This webinar by Beckam Coulters aims to provide valuable insights into the prevalence of infertility and the advancements in reproductive technologies.

During the webinar, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the physiology related to Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) and its significance in assessing fertility. The session will explore how AMH levels can provide valuable information about a woman's ovarian reserve and help determine the likelihood of successful assisted reproductive procedures.

Furthermore, the webinar will delve into the various options available through Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) to preserve fertility. Participants will learn about cutting-edge techniques and procedures that can increase the chances of successful conception and pregnancy.

Don't miss this opportunity to expand your understanding of infertility and the role of Access AMH assays in improving fertility assessment. Join us for this informative webinar to stay at the forefront of reproductive healthcare advancements. Watch below:

Learning Objectives: 

•  Understand the AMH Physiology

•  Define the Assisted Reproductive technologies

•  Understand the AMH assay design and standardization & get to know its performance characteristics.

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