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Ainnova Tech wins Innov8 Talks pitch competition at FIME 2023

Article-Ainnova Tech wins Innov8 Talks pitch competition at FIME 2023

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The Innov8 Talks consisted of a competition among 18 innovative early and middle-stage global start-ups.

After an intense three-day contest, Ainnova Tech won the Innov8 Talks pitch competition at FIME 2023. The health tech start-up was founded by an experienced team to create solutions for the early detection of diseases using artificial intelligence (AI). They are currently working on launching VisionAi, a platform to prevent blindness and detection of early onset of diabetes.

As part of their prize, Ainnova Tech will now get the chance to compete at the ‘Innovator of the Year’ at Arab Health 2024, taking place in Dubai, UAE, and a complimentary exhibition stand at FIME 2024.

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The first runner-up was awarded to Medicsen and their innovative needle-free smartpatch. The company was founded to improve the quality of life of people living with chronic diseases. Their first needle-free and wearable drug delivery wearable device has harmless waves that increase the size of natural skin pores, and it is painless and safe as the pores close when the device stops.

While Hera Health Solutions were given the second runner-up position. They are a pharmaceutical device company specialising in researching, developing, and commercialising long-acting treatments through proprietary bioerodible drug delivery implants. The bioerodible drug delivery technology aims to eliminate the costly and painful removal procedure of current contraceptive arm implants to provide women with a safe and effective solution for contraception.

All three winners will receive mentorship packages from Tampa Bay Wave, Manutara Ventures, and GEN Accelerates

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The Innov8 Talks consisted of a competition among 18 innovative early and middle-stage start-ups from all over the globe who pitched their groundbreaking ideas on stage across three days.

“The Innov8 Talks at FIME are a veritable powerhouse of innovation and future insights, not just a competition. It's a platform where groundbreaking ideas in healthcare are put to the test. As a judge, I'm not just looking at presentations—I'm witnessing the genesis of the next revolutionary advancements in healthcare,” remarked Dr. Richard Munassi, the Managing Director of Tampa Bay Wave. “Every pitch, every idea, brings us one step closer to a future where healthcare transcends the constraints of today.

Visit the Florida International Medical Expo (FIME) in Miami to learn more.

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