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Mayo Clinic Care Network: A Global Collaboration

Article-Mayo Clinic Care Network: A Global Collaboration

Mayo Clinic is the global authority in medicine and is committed to solving the most serious and complex medical challenges through clinical practice, education and research. For more than 150 years, Mayo Clinic has focused on keeping patients at the centre of care by establishing a model and culture of professional teamwork that has become the industry’s gold standard.

Mayo Clinic has a long-standing tradition of sharing medical knowledge and expertise beyond its walls to benefit healthcare providers and their patients. Recognising that most patients prefer to get their healthcare close to home, Mayo took this collaborative spirit a step further with the creation of the Mayo Clinic Care Network in 2011.

The Mayo Clinic Care Network is a multinational network of like-minded, independent healthcare organisations that share a common commitment to improving the delivery of care in their communities through high-quality, data-driven, evidence-based medical care.

Today, the care network has grown to include more than 40 health care organisations across the U.S. and in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Korea, Mexico and Singapore.

The Mayo Clinic Care Network delivers a full spectrum of medical knowledge and subspecialty expertise to communities worldwide. Through formal collaboration and knowledge-sharing tools, Mayo Clinic is forging close connections with medical providers, complementing local expertise, enhancing the delivery of care and providing additional peace of mind to providers and patients.

Members of the network can access Mayo-vetted medical information at the point of care, and easily consult with Mayo specialists on second opinions, in many cases, sparing patients the expense and inconvenience of additional appointments and unnecessary travel. If specialty care is needed, patients can be seen by local providers or referred to Mayo Clinic.

Network members also have access to Mayo Clinic education, experience and subject-matter expertise through an array of services ranging from in-person and virtual conferences to electronic consults and direct phone calls. Every interaction aimed at helping organisations and medical professionals stay current with the latest research and ever-evolving science of healthcare delivery.

For more than a century, patient experiences have helped build Mayo Clinic’s brand — making it the most trusted name in healthcare. And because network members enjoy a clinically meaningful relationship focused on optimising the delivery of healthcare, they have access to a brand that helps differentiate them in the marketplace and define a unique patient service.

Mayo Clinic’s approach to healthcare is rooted in the idea that the best care is achieved when experts from a variety of medical specialties work together to focus on the patient. Membership in the Mayo Clinic Care Network extends that experience. Through technology and collaboration, Mayo Clinic delivers a full spectrum of medical expertise to communities around the world.

The Mayo Clinic Care Network is a global network of organisations that share a commitment to improving the delivery of care in their communities. To learn more, visit

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