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Medic West Africa drives healthcare quality and professional development

Article-Medic West Africa drives healthcare quality and professional development

Medic West Africa Medic West Africa day 2
Continuous learning and retraining were among the key highlights on the second day of Medic West Africa.

Day 2 of Medic West Africa event kicked off on September 27 with the highly anticipated Quality Management Conference, a collaborative effort with the Society for Quality in Health Care in Nigeria. Dr. Wole Abiodun–Wright, President of the Society, set the tone with his insightful opening remarks, paving the way for a compelling keynote address delivered by Dr. Abiola Idowu, Executive Secretary of the Health Facilities Monitoring and Accreditation Agency (HEFAMAA) in Nigeria. Dr. Idowu's address resonated with the audience as she underscored the paramount importance of regulatory oversight in ensuring top-notch healthcare quality.

This conference, held in conjunction with the 25th annual gathering of the Society for Quality in Health Care in Nigeria, revolved around the theme, "Regulatory Oversight of Health Quality in West Africa”. Dr. Idowu articulated the timeliness of this theme, given the fact that a significant portion of the global population resides in developing countries. Her impassioned call for treating healthcare as an industry, complete with unwavering dedication to quality assurance principles, struck a chord with attendees.

Drawing on her wealth of experiences in Lagos, Nigeria, collaborating with HEFAMAA, Dr. Idowu emphasised the critical need to bridge regulatory gaps in healthcare throughout Nigeria. She made a resolute commitment on behalf of her agency to heighten their monitoring efforts, encompassing both private and public health facilities, with the aim of registering and accrediting all healthcare facilities in Lagos State. She emphasised that this endeavour was indispensable for ensuring sustainable quality assurance. Dr. Idowu also shed light on the imperative of continuous learning, development, training, and retraining for healthcare personnel, manufacturers, and providers, aligning seamlessly with the event's core focus on enabling healthcare professionals to accumulate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

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The conference gathered further momentum with a captivating session led by Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, the former Minister of Health of Nigeria (2010 – 2014). Prof. Chukwu seamlessly blended his practitioner and regulator perspectives, offering invaluable insights into the realm of strengthening regulatory capacity. He artfully guided healthcare quality regulators in identifying their capacity-building requirements and devising effective strategies, addressing key questions intrinsic to the system.

MWA Day 2 b.png

Continuing the enriching discourse, the event proceeded with a dynamic panel discussion titled "Challenges and opportunities in regulatory oversight across West Africa”. Esteemed panelists, including healthcare professionals and quality assurance experts, fervently discussed the imperative of ensuring optimal care for patients. They emphasised the urgency of co-creating localised solutions to elevate healthcare quality while nurturing collaboration between regulators and healthcare providers.

Pharm Olufunto Olude pointed out: “There should be synergy between regulators and the healthcare providers for the key people we are working for. We do not have to work in silence anymore, we must co-create local solutions that have the ability to make an impact globally.”

Endurance Uwadaie lent his voice to the discourse as he highlighted: “Patients must be educated and informed about their rights. No decisions must be made without the end-user. We need to also bear in mind that when quality is denied when dealing with a patient, a hole can be dug in the patient’s life or family that might never be filled.”

Meanwhile, one exhibitor, Opeyemi, who participated in the Medic West Africa show, expressed their enthusiasm, stating: "This event has provided us with a platform to connect with healthcare professionals, exchange ideas, and demonstrate how our solutions are shaping the future of healthcare in West Africa. It is truly inspiring to be part of an event that fosters innovation and collaboration in the healthcare industry."

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In parallel, the Laboratory and Quality Management Conference witnessed a captivating keynote address on "Strengthening National and Regional Laboratory Networks for Global Health Security”, featuring an esteemed Dr. Donald I. Ofili as the speaker. The event comprised four insightful sessions covering governance, regulation, laboratory networks, in-vitro diagnostic device regulation, quality system management, workforce development, information management, communication, and biological risk management with a focus on priority disease surveillance. Distinguished panelists from various Nigerian healthcare organisations actively contributed to these discussions, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and knowledge.

A noteworthy highlight of Day 2 was the Leaders Brunch held at the Shiro Restaurant in Lagos, where eminent leaders in the healthcare industry gathered to explore how innovation, technology, and collaboration could be harnessed to achieve optimal outcomes in healthcare. This confluence of visionary minds set the stage for an engaging and enlightening event, underscoring the transformative potential of healthcare advancements in West Africa.

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