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Enhancing well-being through personalised nutrition

Article-Enhancing well-being through personalised nutrition

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Personalised nutrition is an emerging trend with the potential to reshape the health industry.

The advent of cutting-edge technologies like genetic testing and data analytics has given rise to personalised nutrition, which aims to optimise dietary choices and elevate overall well-being. The personalised nutrition market today offers tailor-made nutritional recommendations by leveraging an individual's unique characteristics.

The global Personalised Nutrition Market is estimated to be worth US$45.9 billion by 2032 due to rising consumer demand, technological innovations, and the incorporation of personalised nutrition into mainstream healthcare. The market is projected to continue growing in the coming years.

An example of how personalisation is gaining traction can be seen in the success of Complements, a leading player in the personalised nutrition market. Unlike generic supplements that follow a one-size-fits-all approach, the company creates formulas tailored to an individual's biology, lifestyle, and health goals, precisely addressing their specific needs, according to Dr. Rafi Ahmad, the Chief R&D Officer of xNARA (the company behind Complements) and Expert at AstraZeneca in Norway and Sweden.

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Reportedly, customers have benefitted from using Complements and have been found to have increased energy levels, improved digestion, enhanced skin health, weight loss, and heightened mental clarity. According to a voluntary survey of 24,000 customers in May 2023 by xNARA, 98 per cent of users preferred it over traditional supplements, with 88 per cent noticing improvements in at least one health area and 86 per cent observing improvements in two or more health areas. These positive experiences emphasise the effectiveness of personalised nutrition in optimising overall well-being.

Redefining personalisation

Technology and personalisation play a critical role in the global personalised nutrition market. Advances in digital platforms and data analysis enable companies to gather comprehensive information about individuals and generate personalised recommendations. Through user-friendly online assessments and sophisticated algorithms, collected data is analysed to create personalised formulas that address an individual's unique nutritional and health deficiencies. This precise and efficient approach empowers individuals to take control of their well-being, optimising their supplementation for better health outcomes.

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For example, Complements conduct various assessments and tests to create personalised formulas for individuals. The initial step is the xNARA intelligent assessment, a five-minute quiz that delves into an individual's lifestyle, goals, biology, and overall health. This assessment provides valuable insights into an individual's specific requirements, forming the foundation for personalisation. Additionally, the company offers optional gut profiles and genetic tests to gain further insights into an individual's microbial composition and genetic predispositions. These additional tests refine the personalised formulas, ensuring a highly targeted approach to addressing individual health needs.

Furthermore, Complements incorporate scientific precision and extensive clinical data in selecting ingredients for personalised supplements. For example, the team at xNARA conducts a review process, analysing 20,000 peer-reviewed studies to identify highly active and potent ingredients. Each ingredient is carefully matched to an individual's specific health intricacies, ensuring it addresses specific deficiencies and optimises desired outcomes. This scientific approach ensures that the selected ingredients are backed by credible clinical data and have a proven track record in promoting health and well-being.

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