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Entering New Markets: Discovering Asia's Untapped Potential

White-paper-Entering New Markets: Discovering Asia's Untapped Potential

Entering New Markets: Discovering Asia's Untapped Potential
The Entering New Markets series provides in-depth insights on critical elements to consider when bringing your firm to a new market

Are you ready to expand your business into the lucrative Asian healthcare market? With Medlab Asia & Asia Health 2024 fast approaching, this report, will delve into the Asian market, exploring the benefits, opportunities, and potential stumbling blocks that await your company when it enters this bustling field, equipping you to better navigate the various networking opportunities available at the shows.

“One of the biggest advantages of moving into Asia as a market is that it has the largest number of health distributors in the world. Thailand alone, for example, has close to 150,000+ distributors.” - Tom Coleman, Exhibition Director - Medlab Asia, Informa Markets Healthcare.

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Learn the essential techniques to achieve success in Asia: 

  • Rules and regulations: Navigating regulatory frameworks and intellectual property protections in the medical and health technology industries is a difficult but necessary undertaking, especially in Asia's various economies.
  • The region's future: Shifting demographics, increased consumer demands, technology breakthroughs, and constrained legacy health infrastructure all point to a fast healthcare transition in Asia.
  • Financial Considerations:The medical and health technology industries in Asia have tremendous investment potential, drawing large foreign direct investments.
  • Languages and Currencies: Asia is recognised for its great cultural variety, and hence approaching this market demands a detailed awareness of linguistic preferences in order to properly engage the target audience.
  • Cultural DistinctionsUnderstanding and honouring Asian cultural norms and practises is critical in the medical device technology business.

Don't forget to register for the upcoming Medlab Asia & Asia Health 2024! Taking place from 10 - 12 July in Bangkok, this is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your new learnings from our Entering New Markets series. 

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