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Decoding factors driving growth in the flu vaccine market

Article-Decoding factors driving growth in the flu vaccine market

flu vaccine
Increased awareness of the vaccine's importance, government vaccination campaigns, and rising healthcare expenditure make up some of the factors.

In the evolving landscape of the flu vaccine market, the interplay of demand drivers, technological innovations, and supply chain enhancements is shaping the trajectory of this sector. Industry experts, Dr. Nawal Al Kaabi, Senior Consultant at UAE-based biotechnology company Hayat Biotech, and Fokion Sinis, Vaccines General Manager for Sanofi Greater Gulf, provide insights into these key factors, shedding light on its impact on global healthcare.

"The flu vaccine's market growth is primarily driven by the demand for influenza prevention, influenced by increased awareness of the vaccine's importance, government vaccination campaigns, and rising healthcare expenditure," says Dr. Al Kaabi. This demand, she notes, is underpinned by a trust in healthcare services, emphasising the need for strengthened healthcare worker engagement and educational initiatives.

Technological innovations have played a pivotal role in the sector's development. Dr. Al Kaabi states that analysing strains from the previous season, including cell-based and recombinant vaccines, has facilitated the development of more effective and convenient vaccines. "This highlights a strategic alignment with evolving healthcare needs and a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies,” she says.

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Supply chain enhancements, both regionally and globally, have focused on ensuring efficient production and distribution of vaccines, with a global supply chain addressing distribution disparities and regional variations in flu strains. In regions with advanced healthcare infrastructure, these factors have led to significant growth, while in developing regions, access to vaccines and awareness remain key challenges and impact.

The interplay between demand for flu vaccines, increased coverage, optimised supply chains, and technological innovations, according to Dr. Al Kaabi, has substantial implications for global public health. It contributes to a more resilient and responsive healthcare system, reducing the burden of influenza-related complications and related healthcare costs. “Enhancing disease prevention and reducing the strain on healthcare systems frees up resources for addressing other health challenges," she adds.

Fokion Sinis, underscores the broader impact of immunisations, stating that it serves to enhance the competencies and knowledge of healthcare professionals, acting as a proactive measure to reduce the risk of potential outbreaks and creating a safer learning environment.

Collaborations between healthcare providers, public health agencies, and educational institutions play a pivotal role in this process, extending the power of life-saving vaccinations to as many as possible.

Sinis further notes the commitment of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies to a world free from vaccine-preventable diseases. "They are designing vaccination programs aligned with healthcare goals, crucial for boosting flu vaccination rates among school-aged children," he affirms.

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These efforts include implementing reminder systems, utilising electronic health records, and ensuring a consistent vaccine supply to enhance immunisation rates.

In the context of these global efforts, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is actively leading a comprehensive campaign to vaccinate against seasonal influenza. Dr. Butti Al Suwaidi, a Public Health Specialist at the DHA, emphasises the campaign's significance as part of ongoing efforts to enhance health security and reduce the spread of infectious diseases, it is crucial in protecting the community.

 Dr. Al Suwaidi urges individuals, especially those at higher risk, to take the initiative and receive the influenza vaccine, aligning with global collaborative efforts against preventable diseases.


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