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Webinar: Digitalisation creates a collaborative environment in Saudi healthcare

Article-Webinar: Digitalisation creates a collaborative environment in Saudi healthcare

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Data-driven decision-making can utilise data and analytics to manage resources efficiently, say experts.

Saudi Arabia’s healthcare transformation reforms have garnered global attention since its launch in 2016. Highlighting the rise in interest and prospects in the Kingdom, Omnia Health recently hosted a webinar titled “How innovation and tech are fuelling investment in Saudi Arabia's healthcare market” led by renowned healthcare experts in the region and moderated by Vivek Shukla, Managing Partner of SURGE Management Consulting and growth advisor for prominent healthcare organisations in the MENA and South Asia regions.

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Invited guests were Dr. Nasser Aljehani, Executive Director of Enablement and Supervision and spokesperson at the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance; Dr. Tamara Sunbul, Medical Director of Clinical Informatics at Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare; Dr. Fatih Mehmet Gul, CEO of Dr. Soliman, Fakeeh Hospital; and Mohamad Sabri, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Informa Markets.

Experts highlighted data-driven decision-making as a crucial step to not only bridge the gap between supply and demand but also predict their pattern. Other topics included solutions to address workforce shortages, sustainable methods to conserve resources and energy, and the significance of platforms like the Global Health Exhibition to facilitate dialogues between the private and public sectors and international stakeholders in and around Saudi Arabia's healthcare industry.

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According to Dr. Aljehani, approximately 70 per cent of the population in Saudi Arabia is under the age of 35, most of whom are digitally enabled healthcare consumers with certain expectations. The session covered major ongoing projects, namely NPHIES, telemedicine services, and the Sehhaty app, which are committed to transforming healthcare delivery in the Kingdom through digitalisation.

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Saudi Arabia has witnessed dramatic changes, especially in the last few years. Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 has enforced various economic reforms to decrease the country’s dependence on oil sources. In line with that, the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia has witnessed several transformations which will redefine the delivery of healthcare. Build credibility and value with a clear vision of the market requirements and watch the exclusive webinar on demand for free.

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