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The world’s first AI-driven portable and automated 3D breast ultrasound scanner, wins this year’s Arab Health Innov8 competition

Article-The world’s first AI-driven portable and automated 3D breast ultrasound scanner, wins this year’s Arab Health Innov8 competition

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The ATUSA scanner automatically captures the entire breast volume allowing for repeatable breast ultrasound imaging at point of care without the need for a trained ultrasound operator.

Breast cancer has cast a dark shadow over many patient's and survivor's lives, as the most common invasive cancer worldwide. The treatment of breast cancer is widely regarded as a top priority around the world. Current demographic trends indicate a continuing rise in the prevalence of this malignancy among women worldwide.

Throughout the years, researchers have dedicated more time and energy to analysing risk factors, diagnostic methods, and treatment options in order to improve every aspect of breast cancer care. When it comes to solutions, innovation plays a huge role in fighting the battle against cancer.

Many innovative medical gadgets and mobile apps are currently under development with the goal of improving women's health and expanding their access to information about illness prevention. The market for women's health technology is expected to reach $50 billion by 2025. When applied to women's health, personalised diagnostics, smart tools, and evidence-based recommendations have the potential to shift the focus from treating symptoms to preventing them.

Steps in iSono Health, recently crowned the winner for its breakthrough solution ATUSA. Its wearable accessory and intuitive user interface ensures fast, easy and comfortable image acquisition. Scans only take two minutes per breast, making breast imaging painless and convenient for patients and practitioners.

Following an intensive week-long judging process that saw a total of 24 different companies pitch over the opening three days of Arab Health, Maryam Ziaei, PhD, Founder and CEO iSono Health, took the cash prize of US$10,000 home.

Watch our interview with her to learn about what the future holds for iSono:

As part of Arab Health's Innov8 Talks competition, 24 of the top healthcare start-ups in the globe presented original and cutting-edge approaches to prevention, management, operations, and diagnostics.
Among the finalists of Innov8 were Lazarus 3D, who use 3D printing and advanced imaging analysis to create lifelike replicas of a patient's organs; Robot Dreams, who have developed a patent-pending and unique artificial intelligence software for the early detection of cardiovascular diseases; Sky Medical Technology, who have developed the Geko knee-worn device that increases venous arterial and marrow circulation; and Fitmedik, who provide a one-stop solution for health systems to prevent, monitor, manage, and treat burnout in real time.
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