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World-First Diabetes Device Unveiled at Arab Health

Article-World-First Diabetes Device Unveiled at Arab Health

Actiste demo at Arab Health 2019
For those living with diabetes, setting reminders and taking measurements on a daily basis can become quite cumbersome. At Arab Health, Brighter AB, a Swedish company, showcased an innovative solution that promises to provide connected and convenient diabetes care.

The solution, called Actiste, can be used to measure blood glucose, administer insulin, make notes and set reminders, all with the same device. It also automatically logs all treatment data, so it can be shared via a cellular connection with primary caregivers and family members.

Henrik Norstrom, COO, Brighter AB told Arab Health Magazine: “At Arab Health, we introduced the Actiste diabetes management service, which is aimed at insulin-dependent diabetics, to the UAE market.

“With the device, we have integrated and unified the basic functions to perform the daily routine of a diabetic patient such as the measurement of blood glucose, and the injection of insulin.

"Within the whole service, we added the cellular network and transfer the data, so the user can both visualise it on their mobile phone, and also share that data with their healthcare provider, and also to the healthcare system. This allows for clinics to be able to better administer and prioritise different clients, being able to see in real time the actual performance of their patients, in order to better allocate resources.”

Norstrom highlighted that Actiste is in the process of being rolled out and was introduced in the UAE as a world-first. At Arab Health, two nurses from the Ministry of Health did a demo of the service to visitors.

He added: “We were overwhelmed with the response we received at Arab Health, and it has been very positive from the user perspective."

Ghassan Darwiche, Senior Medical Advisor, Brighter AB stressed: “From a medical perspective, Actiste is filling the gap in the present-day diabetes management. We can do better, but we need the tools to do better, and now we have a service that can actually improve, engage and empower patients, to take more control of their lives while living with diabetes. It also helps the healthcare providers in doing their job in a shorter timeframe.”

Brighter AB started its journey in the UAE about a year ago and six months ago the company created an onshore joint venture with the AFAQ Group, shared Norstrom. Since then the company has been preparing for a user experience pilot with the Ministry of Health so that it can confirm the user experience, get the necessary proof points and roll it out to the wider public as soon as possible.

Norstrom concluded: “The UAE with its 2021 vision of digitilisation and innovation within the healthcare sector is unique in the world. The country’s vision is not only based on the patients but is spread across all sectors in the decision-making process. The UAE is leapfrogging into technology in a way that traditional economies may not be able to do.

“The UAE is the springboard for Actiste in the GCC region. We want to make an impact on the larger volumes or masses of people that are suffering from diabetes initially, and therefore our strategy is also to look at the Asian markets, and the other markets that have the bigger volumes in the diabetes epidemic.”

Brighter wins Swecare Rising Star Award 2019

Brighter was recently awarded the Swecare Rising Star Award 2019 for Actiste. "We are extremely happy to receive this award and look forward to continuing to spread Swedish innovation around the world together with Swecare, an organisation doing a fantastic job for Sweden and Swedish export," said Truls Sjöstedt, Brighter's CEO and founder.

The jury said: “One of the major emerging health challenges that we are currently facing is diabetes, a demanding condition that can lead to serious health complications if poorly handled, resulting in not only personal suffering but also putting an enormous burden on healthcare systems. One of the biggest challenges is getting the patients to follow their treatment recommendations. “2018 was a breakthrough year for Brighter AB, which has developed a unique solution for insulin-treated diabetics; Actiste. It is the world's first solution that gathers all the functions required for the monitoring and treatment of insulin-treated diabetes in a single unit."

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