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The Time Is Now: Leveraging mobile technology to create systems of care that scale

Article-The Time Is Now: Leveraging mobile technology to create systems of care that scale

The time is now for change in system planning, performance, and delivery to take a new view of leveraging mobile communications technology to unite distributed healthcare teams.

Too often, healthcare providers are prevented from providing the best care possible by communication hurdles during time sensitive emergencies. From the missed radio report, to the page sent to the wrong team member, to the time spent not knowing whether the cath lab is ready for your patient, most hospitals’ disjointed communication approaches contribute to fragmentation, delays, and breakdowns.

The patching together of traditional, fragmented healthcare communication channels that open and close during a patient event—radios, telephones, pagers, faxes, emails—causes inevitable delays that negatively impact patient care.

The solution to this problem is networked communication, powered by a rapid, multi-directional flow of information among many-to-many relationships, that is supported by interconnected mobile and online technologies. This can be accomplished by uniting the care team on a single, secure communication channel by means of creating a dedicated channel for a patient event and dynamically building the care team and adding teams, organisations, or individuals on the fly. 


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Pulsara is a people-centric healthcare logistics platform that connects teams across departments, organizations, and regions from rural to urban settings. What makes Pulsara unique is the flexibility that allows clinicians to dynamically build teams on the fly and enable networked communications for any illness or injury.

With Pulsara, clinicians can add a new organization, team, or individual to any patient event, dynamically building a care team even as the patient condition and location constantly evolve. Replacing all the old technologies like pagers, fax machines, point to point phone calls, and radios, Pulsara provides teams with ONE source of truth for the entire patient event, which creates a shared awareness across a distributed team. Evidence shows Pulsara improves treatment times by an average of 30%. For more information, visit

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