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Richard Wolf Highlights ENDOCAM Logic 4K

Article-Richard Wolf Highlights ENDOCAM Logic 4K

Richard Wolf GmbH raises image quality in endoscopy to a new level with pin-sharp 4K resolution technology.

The optimally tailored system components ensure image reproduction that matches the natural state of the image, at the same time operates energy efficient, and is ergonomic and compact.

4K entails a resolution of at least 3840 x 2160 pixels and this represents a fourfold increase compared with the existing HD standard. In order to get this pixel power on the road, Richard Wolf with its long tradition of innovation has strategically bundled all of its in-house expertise: telescope, light, signal processing and the latest production technology melded into one system, providing a solution from a single source.

Optical Systems and Light Cables: Optimum Match Guaranteed

The new sharp begins with the completely new telescopes developed in-house for the rigid 10 millimetre and 5.5-millimetre endoscopes.  

This generates a homogeneous, illuminated image with sharp margins. Specially doped glass material is used for the lenses to minimise any optical errors.

The transmission of light plays an important role in implementing the new sharp. Light power keeps pace with the increase in resolution. The latest light cables combined with powerful LED light sources are precisely tailored to the requirements of the new camera system and therefore a perfect match for ENDOCAM Logic 4K.

Lower Power Consumption Reduces Development of Heat

The new compact is manifested in the ergonomically shaped camera head with reduced dimensions and weight. Richard Wolf uses a new generative method here in order to manufacture the metallic camera casing utilising a 3D printing process. The result is that the camera head is a comfortable fit in the user’s hand and it is also tangibly lighter. The stainless-steel material can be autoclaved and is ideal for chemical sterilisation procedures. It is therefore classified as sterile and may be used without the need for any additional covers.

Richard Wolf reaches a new level of efficiency as a result of the reduced power consumption in various areas. The LED technology demonstrates significant savings over the previous gas discharge lamps. At the same time, the company has succeeded in using more powerful and very efficient electronic components in the camera head. It consumes around 30 per cent less electricity and this is demonstrated in a significantly lower development of heat.

Precise Image of Reality with Visualisation of the Invisible

The advantages of the system from a single source are displayed throughout the whole image chain and by the handling of the 4K signal that convert to the new authentic. Cables, connectors and controller are consequently designed so that the significantly expanded data volume is free of loss. This increases the fail-safe performance and the faithful visualisation of the original image – very much the new authenticity.

At the same time, Richard Wolf has the experience and the ability to generate additional benefits from the surveyed data. Special visualisation processes improve tissue differentiation, illuminate critical areas of an image, and clearly visualise structures situated in bright but overexposed regions.

Be Flexible and Modular

The ENDOCAM Logic 4K camera controller is designed as a flexible platform that is also capable of handling all application parts of the whole ENDOCAM Logic HD family including HD camera heads, pendual camera heads as well as flexible sensor endoscopes.

Furthermore, all available telescopes can be used, which makes it easy to switch to the new standard and start your 4K journey step-by-step.

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