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Leveraging Tech to Enhance Patient Experience

Article-Leveraging Tech to Enhance Patient Experience

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With more than 50 years of experience in hospital environments worldwide, Honeywell is a global leader in connected healthcare. The company has a long history in the Middle East, where it has leveraged advanced software solutions and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to deliver ‘Connected Hospital,’ ‘Connected Clinician,’ and ‘Connected Patient’ initiatives.

Miroslav Kafedzhiev, Vice President and General Manager, of Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions (SPS) for Middle East, Turkey, Central Asia and Africa (META) told Daily Dose: “Integrating infrastructure and disparate systems to enable better care, Honeywell works with state-of-the-art healthcare facilities across the region to ensure the rapid flow of information for more agile operations.

"The company also specialises in workflow automation and communications to help reduce errors and increase productivity for clinicians, while improving the health of patients through effective monitoring in the hospital and beyond.”

Recently, the company implemented an advanced infant tracking solution at a large private hospital in the Middle East. The system provides a special service level to parents who want to track the identity, activity and movement of their newborn babies, to ensure the highest level of safety and care.

Kafedzhiev said: “Advancement in software and mobility technology has helped enhance patient care and healthcare delivery in a big way. The region is witnessing a lot of demand with regards to healthcare innovation, owing to several factors, including a rise in chronic diseases, increase in medical tourism demand and a swift shift towards digital transformation. Hospitals are tasked with doing more, which means leveraging the latest technology to provide the best quality patient care and ensuring an excellent patient experience.

“Experts and healthcare professionals are exploring ways in which blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can contribute to better care. We have already started to see positive signs of what is to come with these new technologies and believe that they can go a long way in improving everything from workflow automation and asset tracking, to facilitating more efficient clinical operations.”

The GCC healthcare market is growing rapidly and is expected to reach US$ 94 billion in 2021, witnessing a considerable growth of 8.7 per cent annually from 62 billion in 2016, according to a recent report by MENA Research Partners (MRP). According to Kafedzhiev, the UAE healthcare industry, specifically, has evolved rapidly in the last few years, fueled by technological innovations as well as huge investments by the government. With the government heavily focusing on tapping into medical tourism and becoming the regional hub for healthcare, he foresees continued growth in the sector.

“We anticipate data analytics to continue to be a major trend in the industry, with it being leveraged to provide better services to customers at every touch point,” he emphasised. “Hospitals and clinics will also continue to provide customised experiences to patients, while creating a comprehensive range of online services for them to choose from. These trends will not only ensure improved workflows, and streamlined processes, but will drive further growth of the sector.”

Kafedzhiev concluded: “Quality healthcare is vital for a prosperous society, and we are committed to supporting healthcare providers in their quest to provide superior care to patients. We continue to be focused on delivering advanced hardware and software solutions that ensure enhanced patient care and experience, higher clinical value and more operational efficiency, which all contribute to the continued transformation of the healthcare industry.”

At Arab Health, Honeywell (located at Z3.B09) is showcasing its Intelligent Lifecare Systevo portfolio that integrates nursing workflows, clinical communication, mobility and care specific apps to ensure a safe, clinically efficient, and smooth patient experience. Other technologies include high-performance specialty equipment, such as printers, barcode scanners and wristbands, aimed at improving patient safety and driving productivity across the hospital.

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