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Harnessing the power of AI for healthy longevity

Article-Harnessing the power of AI for healthy longevity

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Advances in AI and longevity medicine are helping healthcare professionals identify and intervene in humanity’s biological clock.

Over the past few years, we have witnessed growth in applications of AI and data science in healthcare. For instance, the technology of sensors and advanced testing is becoming sophisticated, giving rise to non-invasive wearables that can extract micro portions of essential data points in real time. This technology is being applied for analysing biomarkers, including biomarkers of longevity.

Among the many medical domains that boast panels of well-developed biomarkers, the most representative example is oncology. The last decade has altered the face of cancer care, largely due to the advancements in the field of oncology biomarkers. Once considered almost a death sentence, most cases of cancer today can be managed and even treated thanks to decades of progress culminating in highly accurate sets of biomarkers for diagnosis and treatment.

The advent of biomarkers also supports other healthcare domains that deal with early-stage pathologies which have not yet evolved into diseases. This field of early-stage diagnostic and preventive medicine is becoming more personalised. For example, AI algorithms can analyse a patient’s genetic data to identify biomarkers that indicate an increased risk for certain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s or cardiovascular disease. With this information, physicians can then recommend preventive measures to delay the onset of these conditions, thereby extending lifespans.

The well-established field of early-stage diagnostics, being integrated with well-developed biomarkers of disease, provides a major platform for applications of precision medicine. With the emergence of biomarkers for age-related diseases and ageing, healthcare professionals can identify and intervene in what accelerates humanity’s biological clock.

Combining the power of AI, data science and ageing biomarkers, ‘longevity medicine’ was born, unlocking a new frontier in AI-driven personalised preventive care. Such technologies can bring us closer to what precisely is affecting health in a negative way, providing those experiencing health issues with a guide for what needs to be eliminated or neutralised to promote a healthy and vibrant ageing process.

Distinguished yet connected to medicine, longevity biomarkers represent the most recent and modern field that completely relies on data science and AI. While ageing biomarkers are used to detect and determine what accelerates ageing and age-related diseases, longevity biomarkers help identify exact methods to extend healthy longevity.

The longevity biomarkers arena is now expanding, with more companies joining the race and harnessing data science and AI to power cutting-edge applications. Longevity biomarkers bridge the gap between personalised preventive longevity medicine and data science-driven healthy living, offering the potential to unlock a long life lived in greater health. Despite its infancy, this field of science and technology is experiencing unprecedented growth.

AI-driven data science technologies designed to identify what is enhancing healthy longevity in a personalised way, are referred to as ‘AI for healthy longevity.’ This approach is revolutionising our quest for healthy longevity, separating hype from reality. It can also safeguard us from baseless anti-ageing trends. It will be invaluable in guiding us to practical strategies proven to achieve long-term well-being.

At the intersection of ‘longevity medicine’ and ‘AI for healthy longevity’ sits a powerful force known as ‘precision health’. This approach will modernise healthcare, wellness and well-being by delivering a personalised longevity blueprint for any individual and could truly keep us healthier for longer.

Additionally, ‘precision health’ could be extended towards a partnership between AI-driven longevity and healthcare InsurTech, where insurance technologies are combined with predictive personalised health analytics to provide better health risk assessment outcomes.

While there is still ample room for improvement in these AI-driven medical fields, it is exciting to see the strides that have been made so far. By embracing technologies, medical professionals can deliver better care while extending life expectancies. It won’t be long before we rely on AI-based techniques to ensure healthy lives well into old age.

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Dmitry Kaminskiy is the General Partner of Deep Knowledge Group

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