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Enovacom, the Orange Business Services healthcare subsidiary launches the Enovacom Patient Link solution to fast track the digitalisation of the patient journey

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Launched at the Santexpo trade show, Enovacom Patient Link is an application that healthcare establishments can use to strengthen the link with their patients during administrative and medical processes

An expert in healthcare data and the leader of medical interoperability, Enovacom, the Orange Business Services healthcare subsidiary, has supported healthcare establishments with the digital transformation of their information systems since 2018.

Enovacom's new patient-centered solution, centralises and leverages healthcare data securely in a single application. Enovacom Patient Link facilitates administrative formalities, the digital relationship with patients and can be used to manage all care pathways. Interoperable by nature, it enables the various healthcare establishments to securely share patient healthcare data before, during and after their admission.

The solution is now available in France and will be launched in additional countries in 2022.

An innovative digital solution for patient care

Healthcare establishments have an overall view of their activity, a 360° view of the patient, contextualised information, assistance with identity monitoring, and process automation in a user-friendly and secure solution.

The Enovacom Patient Link solution is based on the Enovacom healthcare data warehouse that structures and capitalises on healthcare data for future use.

This new initiative strengthens Orange Business Services' strategic position as a trusted partner in the digital transformation of e-healthcare.

"As a leading player in e-healthcare, we believe that the patient-healthcare provider relationship should be digitalised in a considered and fair manner. The aim is to have a positive impact both on the daily lives of medical staff and on the healthcare experience for patients, while leveraging data. For Enovacom Patient Link, our teams worked with all healthcare players to design an innovative and secure solution that best meets their uses," said Laurent Frigara, Deputy CEO of Enovacom.

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