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American Hospital Dubai launches AI research centre in collaboration with Cerner

Article-American Hospital Dubai launches AI research centre in collaboration with Cerner

The AI research centre will focus on enabling home health experiences and enhancing care management related to COVID-19.

American Hospital Dubai, part of Mohamed & Obaid Al Mulla Group, has announced the launch of the first artificial intelligence (AI) research centre in the region in partnership with global healthcare technology company Cerner. The AI research centre aims to leverage Cerner’s electronic health records (EHR) data along with its clinical AI and advanced data analytics tools to ultimately create centres of excellence for oncology, infectious diseases, and bariatric medicine.

The AI research centre is set to use big data analytics and machine learning capabilities to support data-based clinical research activities and data-driven operational improvement projects. Moreover, the AI research centre will focus on two key projects: enabling home health experiences and enhancing care management related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sherif Beshara, chief executive officer, Mohamed & Obaid Al Mulla Group, said, “We are proud to collaborate with Cerner on this new landmark initiative for the region. Together, we share the vision and strategy of the UAE Government and rulers to use the power of AI to help minimise the burden of chronic diseases, ultimately for the welfare of our citizens and residents. We also relate closely to the Government’s mission to fully integrate AI into medical and security services. This initiative takes us one step closer to our objective: to continue to redefine a patient-centric health care delivery system, thereby, empowering individuals to proactively manage their health.”

AI: A promising approach

Innovative use of data through AI is a promising approach for making significant progress in the areas of virtual medicine, population health management, innovative use of data analytics and visualisation as well as advanced clinical decision support. These developments may have significant positive influences on the individual’s health journey. 

“We are privileged to partner with the American Hospital Dubai. This AI research centre initiative will not only further enhance AHD’s response to the COVID-19 crisis but, more importantly, equip AHD with cutting-edge technologies to redefine health and care in the new post-COVID-19 pandemic era,” said Alaa Adel, managing director, Cerner Middle East and Africa.

Enhanced experience

As part of enabling new and improved home health experiences, the virtual medicine concept will provide smart and convenient services to patients, such as telemedicine, video, and phone visits, from anywhere. Remote patient monitoring using connected devices that are integrated with the patient’s health portal and accessible by caregivers will further enhance this experience.

The AI research centre will also allow American Hospital Dubai to leverage big data analytics to better understand the healthcare needs of the UAE population. This will empower the hospital to create personalised care plans, predict disease courses and intervene earlier using risk assessment models incorporated into the EHR.

“We are expected to launch the Centre over the next three to six months. Cerner has a wealth of experience in healthcare information technology and data analytics worldwide, and the timing of the Center could not have been better given the challenging times we are all experiencing during this global pandemic,” Beshara added.

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