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Medical devices challenges and benefits discussed by Brazil panel

Article-Medical devices challenges and benefits discussed by Brazil panel

Omnia Health Live Americas speakers elaborated on the importance of medical devices in Brazilian healthcare.

On 4 November, an Omnia Health Live Americas panel addressed the topic "Medical devices: remote care and connectivity". Participating were Fatima Pinho, Deloitte director; Fernando Rocha, Sales Director at Getinge; Marivan Abrahão, Clinical Director of Avesta Informação e Saúde; and Raimundo Nonato, Healthcare Business Development Director at Intersystems Brasil.

The meeting was moderated by Pinho, who commented: “In the healthcare context, the market is quite large, with many players connected. However, these connections are not always the best way of thinking about the centre of care, which is the patient ”.

For Fernando Rocha, technologies can be better designed to focus on analysis and data collection: “Today, there are several challenges in Brazilian healthcare. And the best way to get through these barriers is to have all medical devices connected, which is one of the biggest challenges for companies ”.

Abrahão revealed how opportunities are emerging for companies able to outsource data integration. In his view, the evolution of medical informatics still provokes resistance among doctors. "The first barrier we have to overcome is to convince doctors of the importance of medical devices for patient care," Abrahão added.

Finally, Nonato spoke about information collection happening on either end in hospital management systems. “It is pure information; it was generated within the system. When the institution does not invest in the integration of this pure data, there is rework and a lack of communication between the systems, and the tendency is inefficiency,” he concluded.

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