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What sectors and specialities are fuelling expansion in KSA?

Article-What sectors and specialities are fuelling expansion in KSA?

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Sultan Al Sa’adoun, Co-Founding Partner of Al Arrab Consulting, states that healthcare growth is exponential in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is evolving rapidly to align with the Kingdom’s Vision for 2030, and this is creating opportunities for various stakeholders. In our interview with the co-founding partner of Al Arrab Consulting, Sultan Al Sa’adoun speaks about his professional experiences, which led him to establish the firm and how they operate in key sectors to provide end-to-end transformation management services.

Excerpts from the interview:

Among the solutions provided by Al Arrab Consulting, strategy development and implementation for organisations and their key focuses, from building operating models to engineering processes, are driving change in the market. In addition, they support business development by supplying solutions for partnerships with the private sector for companies and sectors to get established.

The sectors they serve include healthcare, transport, logistics, justice, and security, among others. When Al Sa’adoun was asked about trends that will shape the future of the industry, he said that the consulting sector is steadily growing to achieve the goals of Vision 2030, led by its administrative and digital strengths.

“Stakeholders are working hard to achieve the goals they have committed to and require support from experts from the industry. Growth has been consistent in the Gulf region in general. However, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, growth is exponential, with a growth rate of more than 18 per cent for the year 2021, according to several recently published reports. We do face challenges, but we believe that preparation, continuous monitoring, and swift actions will ensure we continue to excel,” he said.

Presently, Al Arrab Consulting is a multi-sector organisation with revenues exceeding 600 million riyals in addition to high levels of localisation of national competencies exceeding 75 per cent. “There is no doubt that we will work to expand our business to other areas. We recently started developing digital solutions and are investing in innovation, among other activities. We aim to strengthen our portfolio of services in the consulting sector and appeal to our local target market,’’ Al Sa’adoun explained.

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