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Showcasing visionary leadership across KSA’s hospital operations

Article-Showcasing visionary leadership across KSA’s hospital operations

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Hayat National Hospitals is a renowned Saudi-based private hospital group that delivers sustainable, quality medical services at the highest international standards.

A strong legacy in healthcare is evident when driven by the right balance of leadership, foresight, and passion. When Dr. Fouziyah Mohammed Al-Jarallah took over the reins of Hayat National Hospitals group from her father Mohammed Bin Naser Al Jarallah, she transformed the company into a stronger, reputed healthcare leader with diversified hospital operations across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

A peek into Dr. Al-Jarallah’s extensive background reveals that she holds a bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery from Saudi-based King Saud University and The American Board of Pediatrics from Canada-based McMaster University. She is also armed with a Doctor of Medicine in Allergy and Immunology from the latter university, as well as a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration from the Dublin Royal College of Surgeons in the UAE, in addition to other international certificates in business development.  

With CEO Dr. Al-Jarallah at its helm, Hayat National Hospitals now stands as a notable private hospital group with prominent affiliated businesses that work closely with all the major stakeholders of the Saudi healthcare sector, such as the Ministry of Health, military hospitals (including National Guard Hospitals), medical insurance companies, other healthcare providers, as well as the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI).  

The company further secured high-profile board memberships at national organisations that focus on improving and developing the Saudi healthcare sector. Prestigious titles include Consultant in the National and Gulf Centre for Evidence-Based Health Practice, Vice President of the National Committee for Private Hospitals in the Council of Saudi Chambers, and Member of the National Health Committee. 

“We developed successful partnerships with the most reputable global companies in the medical field, including GE, Philips, and Siemens, upgrading the hospitals’ technology to improve service quality. As a CEO, I work hard to increase efficiency and deliver an overall better patient experience,” she added. 

Dr. Al-Jarallah also executed an impressive strategy to enable the expansion of Hayat National Hospitals group and increase investments in the medical field. This led to the addition of new hospitals to its portfolio, which would bring the total to nine major hospitals operational by the end of 2026.  

“This progress helps fulfil the company’s vision, which is to become the most pioneering and successful healthcare company in the Kingdom, delivering quality medical services at the highest international standards,” she said. 

Impact of tech on hospital operations  

Hayat National Hospitals is no stranger to digital transformation in Saudi Arabia’s healthcare sector. With an aim to enhance the level and quality of medical services, the company continues to update its systems across many departments with the latest technologies and promotes the adoption of tech to improve the outcome and facilitate access to its medical services.  

“This year we were proudly recognised with an award of excellence by CCHI as we are properly using the ‘NPHIES’ digital platform in all medical insurance transactions all over the kingdom,” said Dr. Al-Jarallah. 

Hayat National Hospitals also succeeded in the development of variant mobile applications, which will be launched soon to enhance public health through selective new services such as online booking and registration, telemedicine, online medication delivery, and home care.  

“These services will allow our patients to save time and effort and receive elegant medical services,” she added. 

Hayat National Hospitals’ role in sustainability 

Hospitals can achieve their objectives by proactively considering sustainability and making energy-efficient investments. This means diverting attention towards an enhanced patient experience, reducing operational expenses, and optimising facility operations to promote community health.  

“The transformation of healthcare sustainability from a public relations opportunity to a stakeholder expectation is one of the most important themes of this period. Patients, employees, and the communities will directly be impacted by the management's choices about environmental measures that affect their facilities,” she said. 

According to the CEO, these measures require careful and efficient planning to be successful.  

“I take pride in reaching many patients in areas where no other healthcare provider was willing to invest and provide them with high-quality medical care. I also take delight in meeting my company's standards and objectives,” she added. 

Thoughts on the current state of health institutions 

Since the launch of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, there have been many achievements that support the country’s transformation, according to Dr. Al-Jarallah. This enabled the Kingdom to grow its economy, empower its citizens and deliver a future full of opportunities.  

“We are witnessing the upgrade of the efficiency, capacity, and coverage of healthcare, which have also been enhanced with the use of digital transformation,” she said. 

Future plans and Arab Health 

Hayat National Hospitals Group is committed to providing superior medical services that add value to patients, their families, stakeholders, and the overall community. According to the highest standards of quality and to maintain the safety of patients, employees and visitors use the latest diagnostic and therapeutic protocols.  

“We also seek to be the first destination for integrated and optimal healthcare professionals to ensure providing superior patient care, emphasising the patient’s privacy, and being committed to covering the health care for both citizens and residents of the Kingdom,” said Dr. Al-Jarallah. 

To ensure this, Hayat National Hospitals focuses on continuous cooperation in the development of knowledge and uses the latest technologies to achieve comprehensive medical care. It also adopts the best employment policies to recruit and attract the best qualified medical staff and work on developing their skills, thus contributing to raising production rates. 

“At Arab Health, we are eager to connect with our current partners and consider forming new ones. We also look forward to meeting influential global leaders and stakeholders who are advancing the healthcare sector to work together and transform the sector into one with a more sustainable and good impact. We will continue to move forward with sustainable and creative solutions that will challenge current paradigms and transform healthcare for future generations,” she concluded. 

This article appears in the latest issue of Omnia Health Magazine. Read the full issue online today.

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