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Shaping female leadership in KSA's healthcare sector

Article-Shaping female leadership in KSA's healthcare sector

Dr. Fouziyah
Meet pioneer Dr. Fouziyah M. Al-Jarallah of Al Inma Medical Services and Hayat National Hospitals Group who is redefining the ecosystem of Saudi healthcare.

Al Inma Medical Services is synonymous with quality healthcare in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With over 20 years in the field of integrated healthcare, Al Inma believes that increasing investments in the medical care sector in KSA and the Middle East is an urgent necessity, and in order to continue to lead, development is key.

Dr. Fouziyah M. Al-Jarallah, CEO of Al Inma Medical Services, and the Owner & Operator of Hayat National Hospitals Group, emphasised how female leadership should be driven through empowerment, among other key topics. Watch the interview below:


Execerpts from an interview with Dr. Fouziyah:

Dr. Fouziyah, you’ve been recognised as the first female CEO in Saudi of Reputable Medical Services Group. Can you comment on this recognition and how the Health Sector Transformation program established as part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 is creating more opportunity for female leadership in healthcare?

It was not easy, and it needs personal motivation and determination to be a pioneer. My education and family's legacy in healthcare were factors that encouraged me to develop my father's company into a strong and reputable healthcare organisation that operates today as a group of hospitals under the Hayat National Hospitals brand in many cities throughout the Kingdom.

The Health Sector Transformation Program of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 requires years of continuous development and diversification. In order to to make the company one of the major private hospital groups, we work closely with all the major stakeholders of the Saudi healthcare sector, such as the Ministry of Health, military hospitals, medical insurance providers, and the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) to achieve the Targets of Kingdom's Vison 2030.

You’ve commented previously that private health sector’s role in educating the society on health issues and diseases is an important one. Please elaborate.

Our achievements would exceed the expectations as we believe in the role of private health sector to participate in the continuous education the society on health issues and diseases that can affect development plans in KSA. Our hospitals are playing a vital role through lectures, seminars, and field visits to different agencies, institutions and companies to enhance the humanitarian message of the healthcare sectors.

Tell us about Al Inma’s efforts in education through lectures, seminars, and field visits.

Through Hayat National academy, we are committed to providing the highest levels of modern professional academic programs for all workers in the medical field in Saudi Arabia, following the highest levels of quality and safety in all the academic events, to enhance the concept of well-being for both all medical practitioners and our employees.


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