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Reliance on female professionals will be a significant aspect of KSA's evolving healthcare industry

Video-Reliance on female professionals will be a significant aspect of KSA's evolving healthcare industry

Picking up on our conversation from Global Health Exhibition on female leadership we were joined by Dr. Fouziyah Al-Jarallah, the CEO of Hayat National Hospitals Group.


Transcript below:

1) When it comes to business management in healthcare - what opportunities are being provided for women in Saudi?

Saudi Arabia is currently undergoing through a transformational phase. There is a huge demand in the Saudi healthcare field to provide better healthcare services to the rapidly increasing Saudi population,  the field will need well trained healthcare professionals and there will be a heavy reliance on women. These are significant aspects already being considered by policymakers.  Several initiatives in healthcare Human Resource Development is encouraging Saudi women to approach the field, and to be capable of managing health care projects, to better provide a huge reserve of healthcare professionals with appropriate learning and competence.

2) How do Hayat National Hospital's education efforts tie in with that?

Hayat National Hospitals’ education programs are innovative and scientific based, and we are always working on data collected from various sources including governmental initiatives and earlier research undertaken in this regard. These programs are an attempt follow the message of our company and we also evaluate the progress made to adopt in the healthcare Human resources developments sphere. We are aligning with the various steps suggested and undertaken by the new strategic plan, of Kingdom Vision 2030 which include the women empowerment in the Medical field

3) What do you believe are the key ingredients to drive more female owned healthcare businesses and leadership roles in Saudi healthcare?

It has been shown that appropriate women empowerment capacity building needs to be adopted along with the suitable policy regulation. It is also important to ensure that future health sector investment meets the needs of local healthcare Human resources developments . There is a huge scope for the integration of young trained Saudi males and females in the healthcare private sector. Vision 2030 is a testament to a revolutionary step undertaken by the government and that the healthcare sector is also passing through a major shift in its approach and execution. In the next few years, we will see women playing a huge role in leading the health care sector.

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