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Digitalisation drives KSA healthcare sector development

Article-Digitalisation drives KSA healthcare sector development

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Increasing investments in the medical care sector in KSA and the MENA region is an urgent necessity, says CMO, Dr. Essam Saad Al-Ghamdi.

In our interview with Dr. Essam Saad Al-Ghamdi (CMO) and Executive Medical Director of Al Inma Medical Services Company, we discover the legacy of Al Inma Medical Services as he highlights its special projects and partners.

Full interview and excerpts below:

Can you tell us about the history of Al Inma Medical services?

We believe that the private healthcare sector plays a significant role in supporting the healthcare field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al Inma Medical Services Co. Ltd. was established to provide comprehensive medical services for the society through owning and operating medical care projects according to highest international standards, managed by qualified medical and administrative teams.

We are working hard with MOH and other stakeholders in the field to provide the best medical services according to international quality and safety standards, which have a positive role in the serving of the society and enhance the level of medical services in Saudi Arabia.

As the executive medical director of Al Inma, can you tell us more about the vision of the organisation?

Our vision and values at Hayat National Hospitals Group motivates us to choose highly qualified vocational and academic cadres in both medical and administrative fields. This helps us meet our desired objectives according to our strategic plans to develop the quality of medical services depending on the latest scientific bases and seeking the local and international accreditation for our hospitals and their projects.

When it comes to the Health Sector Transformation Program, established as part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, how does Al Inma align with the vision?

After more than 20 years in the field of integrated healthcare, we believe that increasing the investment in the medical care sector in KSA and the MENA region became an urgent necessity. In order to continue to lead, we must always strive to align with the Health Sector Transformation Program as a part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, by developing the services we provide to the community.

We are always keen to earn our customer's trust through following the latest global technologies in health sector. This will motivate us to enhance investments, and discover the most efficient ways to expand on new healthcare projects that can meet the growing needs of the health sector in KSA.

What does the future of healthcare look like in the Saudi ecosystem and what are some exciting developments underway for Al Inma as part of it?

The keyword is Digitalisation. It is the future of everything and we have to work according to strategies to drive the rapid development in this field and in accordance with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. We have many new electronic applications in the field of medical care that will take effect very soon, and will have a positive impact on the quality of service for the benefit of society.

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