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Mobile hearing centre launched to provide care during COVID-19 lockdown

Article-Mobile hearing centre launched to provide care during COVID-19 lockdown

Leading UAE hearing care solutions provider Star Key Hearing Centers has put a van on the streets to provide COVID-19 support.

Star Key Hearing Centers, a leading UAE based hearing care solutions provider has launched the first mobile hearing centre in the region in line with the ‘National Home Screening Program for People of Determination”. This home screening initiative was launched by HH Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces earlier this month. The core aim of this program is to provide health care services to people of determination who cannot physically visit health facilities during the current COVID-19 lockdown situation.

‘Star Key Mobile Center’ is a unique mobile hearing centre dedicated to serve hearing impaired especially for people of determination. This also enables Star Key Hearing Center to play its vital role in the society in realizing the plans and programs of the UAE government focusing in providing healthcare services for people.

Mr. Mohammad Kettaneh, Chief Executive Officer of Star Key Hearing Centers, said: “One of the core responsibilities at Star Key Hearing Centers is our commitment to enabling better hearing care solutions and increasing the accessibility of hearing health by bringing the hearing services closer to the community, especially for those who cannot easily access traditional medical care, yet are in urgent need. The vehicle is fitted with high-end advanced medical equipment by ASTEMED Medical Supplies and staffed by skilled hearing professionals who are passionate to assist in any circumstance and anywhere in the UAE”.

“Consequently, Star Key Hearing is also committed to help develop and boost the healthcare services and finding solutions to the challenges faced by the people who have hearing concerns. The launch of the mobile hearing care vehicle comes in line with supporting the national efforts and initiatives of the UAE government. In light of the exceptional circumstances that the whole world is going through, Star Key Hearing LLC is extending its way in seeking to provide all possible protection and safety for citizens while continuously providing better healthcare services and easy access right at their doorsteps with a reachable and realistic approach of hearing services,” added Mr Kettaneh.

The mobile hearing care centre, the first of its kind in the region is fully equipped with the latest technologies and wireless equipment that enable the capability of providing comprehensive and immediate mobile hearing care services. Various tests can be performed inside the vehicle including adult hearing tests, pediatric hearing tests (without sedation), middle ear measurements, and wireless video otoscopy.

Giscard Bechara, Managing Director, Starkey MEA FZCO, said “Starkey is the most innovative hearing aid company in the world, servicing hearing loss patients in more than 100 countries. Our core mission remains to service our patients better than anyone else. Our global partners understand this mission and reflect it in their own communities. Today we realize the need for our families and loved ones, our elderly and people of determination to be safe and to be able to hear and communicate clearly with their doctors, families and government health officials while being at home. We remain committed to our patients in the UAE and we won’t let them down despite of the current situation”.

Additional to the above-mentioned services, Star Key Mobile Center also provides hearing aids repair and wireless adjustment, custom earmolds production for behind the ear (BTE), completely in canal (CIC) and invisible hearing aids (IIC) are all performed with the support of the latest equipment available in the vehicle such as 3D printer and 3D scanner for scanning, modelling and printing to enable prototyping and manufacturing. These wireless equipment for hearing tests and unique hearing aids are manufactured by the international hearing aids leader - Starkey Technologies, worth to mention their leading product in the market which is the artificial intelligence technology.

Eng. Muhanad Jadallah, CEO, ASTEMED, stated: “We have the honor to supply Star Key mobile hearing centre with high-end internationally approved hearing screening devices, to better serve our sons and daughters, especially people of determination, inspired by the national initiatives in UAE, which is always the first when it comes to giving the best in the healthcare services”.

The AI technology helps its users track their body and brain activities and provide access to amazing features like translation to 27 languages and fall alert. It also helps visually impaired by identifying people and the surroundings around them. The vehicle is equipped with all means of safety, protection and sterilization for each patient’s safety, taking into consideration their health as the company’s top priority.

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