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Revolutionary surgical camera system now available in UAE

Article-Revolutionary surgical camera system now available in UAE

surgical camera machine
This innovative instrument will enable multi-expert procedures.

Medical optics and instruments company Olympus has announced the regional launch of its surgical orbital camera system, ORBEYE – for microsurgical procedures. The newly introduced tool is expected to enhance microsurgical procedures for neurosurgeons who at present rely on traditional microscopes for their precision surgeries.

The launch of the ORBEYE Camera System into the regional market from Olympus’s UAE MEA headquarters aims to ease operational processes for surgeons and to provide them with clearer viewing capabilities, with the incorporation of the new instrument into surgery aimed at ultimately improving patient outcomes. The adoption of the ORBEYE Camera System provides a host of advantages to neurosurgeons, which will in turn translate into better patient outcomes not only in the MEA region but also across the world.

ORBEYE is the first optical technology system to utilise a 4K and 3D camera, with the advanced features serving to augment surgical visibility in the field of neurosurgery through immersive imaging. By using this innovative instrument, neurosurgeons are presented with a more ergonomic solution to surgeries stemming from the removal of ocular lenses, with other consulting surgeons also able to join the procedure and enable multi-expert procedures. This also gives rise to the suitability of the ORBEYE for training and education, as all procedures are clearly visible on the large screen. Enhancing these advantages, ORBEYE is also functionally beneficial, being both simple to set up and manoeuvre, within the operating room, while occupying far less space than its predecessor.  

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“Today, we are launching into the UAE a revolutionary surgical orbital camera system that changes the way neurosurgeons perform their surgeries,” said Maurice Faber, Regional Managing Director at Olympus MEA. “With precision surgery being at the forefront of surgical operations, we have created a camera system that incorporates the latest advances of 4k and 3D video technologies. This will not only improve surgical accuracy as it provides high resolution stereoscopic images of the fine structure of tissue and blood vessels, but it will also create better outcomes for patients of the UAE and the wider region in need of neurosurgery.”

The camera system incorporates the latest advances of 4k and 3D video technologies.

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