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World Pharmacists Day puts the spotlight on trust

On World Pharmacists Day, we look at how the pharma industry got together in the fight against COVID-19.

World Pharmacists Day is observed on September 25 each year to pay tributes to pharmacists for their role in improving global health. The purpose of the annual Pharmacists Day is to encourage activities that promote and advocate for the pharmacist’s role in improving health in every corner of the world. The theme was chosen to highlight the importance of trust in healthcare and the practice of pharmacy across diverse clinical settings.

As we celebrate World Pharmacists Day, I am instilled with pride and privilege to be working alongside some of the most experienced and dedicated individuals as we collectively seek to empower the sector. The theme for this year – Pharmacy: Always trusted for your health’ – truly commends pharmacists who have put their faith in this profession. The theme was chosen to highlight the importance of trust in healthcare and the practice of pharmacy across diverse clinical settings.

It is of notable mention that the pharma industry collectively got together in the fight against COVID-19, from creating the vaccination in a very brief period to the devotion of the frontline workers in the hospitals and uninterrupted supply of medicines to the world, showcasing its solution-driven commitment to the betterment of humanity. Furthermore, as a leading science and technology company, Merck was a significant contributor to the supply of lipids, a key component required to build the mRNA vaccines. 

Furthermore, on the drive to fight COVID-19, I am grateful for the support of the UAE government and their introduction of favourable initiatives and policies that not only made the nation safe for us but also made this place an attractive nurturing ground for the pharma industry, thereby implementing an openness to embrace global best practices in everything it does.

Ahmed Abo Al Fadl - Merck.jpeg

Ahmed Abo Al Fadl

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