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The renaissance of Saudi healthcare

Video-The renaissance of Saudi healthcare

The healthcare industry in the Kingdom is working closely to reach the goal of the Healthcare Transformation Programs, explains Ahmed Al Saad, Director of Governmental projects, Hayat National Hospitals Group.

As part of its "Vision 2030" initiative, Saudi Arabia aims to significantly change the fundamentals of financing and delivery of healthcare in order to increase population access to high-quality care.

Private sector growth and increased private sector investment are given substantial emphasis in the government's "Vision 2030." To improve healthcare access, effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of care while lowering reliance on oil export revenue and government spending, the government is appealing to private sector involvement. The plan, which calls for a number of health-related improvements, places special focus on using private health insurance as the main source of funding rather than government revenues.

The Program will aim to facilitate a comprehensive transformation in the industry and restructure into an extensive, effective, and integrated system, based on the health of the individual and the society, in light of the development of the global health systems. It will use the value-based care philosophy, which guarantees transparency and enhances health services, to help raise beneficiaries' satisfaction levels. The Program will concentrate on enhancing access to health services through optimal coverage, thorough and equitable geographic distribution, and expanding the availability of e-health services, as well as on promoting public health and disease prevention.

Saudi Arabia's health industry has recently undergone a tremendous revival and made significant advancements in a number of fields. Saudi Arabia has been classified as one of the developed nations that offers comprehensive healthcare on par with the greatest global health systems. In this day and age, it is imperative to have access to electronic services and technological advancement, according to Ahmed Al Saad, Director of Governmental projects, Hayat National Hospitals Group.

Watch full interview below:


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