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Prioritising patient needs

Video-Prioritising patient needs

Dr. Lois E. Krahn, Director of Mayo Clinic's Center of the Science of Healthcare Delivery tells us about the growing impact of the Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

For the Mayo Clinic, the first and foremost aspect of delivering  quality healthcare is placing people at the center of it. Over several years they've extended their tradition of safe, innovative, integrated care across many states and regions. Speaking more about how the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota has incorporated into the newer site of the Mayo Clinic in Arizona, among other topics such as how did the Mayo Clinic in Arizona build its educational program in less than 40 years, is Dr Lois E. Krahn, Director of the Mayo Clinic Center for the Science of Healthcare Delivery.

"The Mayo Clinic started in Minnesota, then added a campus in Florida more than 45 years ago, followed by a campus in Arizona. One year later, careful consideration went into how to ensure that the newer parts of Mayo Clinic would incorporate the strengths and the culture of the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. First and foremost, it's about the people, therefore we had a mix of professionals, some of whom transferred from Minnesota, others of whom were new graduates. We also hired healthcare experts from the surrounding communities. We are a value based organisation, this forms all of our decisions, hence, we were very careful to make sure that our commitment to our core values were incorporated into the new sites at the soonest. We have designed the facilities to nurture an environment that promotes teamwork and is very patient oriented," she explains.

Watch the full interview below:


Lois E. Krahn, M.D., is a professor of psychiatry at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and holds a joint appointment in the Division of Pulmonary Medicine and the Department of Psychiatry and Psychology. Her clinical and research interests have been in the field of sleep medicine with a focus on narcolepsy over the past 20 years. Her recent research has looked at the relationship between wearable monitoring devices, the sleep environment, and cutting-edge treatment drugs for excessive daytime sleepiness.
She has served in a variety of leadership roles, most notably as the Medical Director for Compliance and Risk Management. She also serves on the Board of Trustees and the Board of Governors at the Mayo Clinic. She graduated from Georgetown University Hospital's residency program and Mayo Clinic's fellowship program after attending Mayo Medical School. She has won various accolades for her outstanding work in medical education. Dr. Krahn is the Director of the Mayo Clinic Center for the Science of Healthcare Delivery, where she has recently concentrated her educational efforts on this newly emerging disclipine.

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