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Life Science, Assolombarda, and SDA Bocconi to attend the largest health event in Riyadh

Article-Life Science, Assolombarda, and SDA Bocconi to attend the largest health event in Riyadh

Italian delegates to the Global Health Exhibition 2023 are set to strengthen business partnerships and build alliances between Italy and Saudi Arabia.

Assolombarda, headed by the Deputy Chairman delegated for Life Sciences, Sergio Dompé, has set up a significant network of ties around the world in recent years, with a view to launching international-type partnerships on matters of health and innovation in the health sector. Many initiatives have been put together in this regard to connect worldwide best practices. The aim is to facilitate the mutual exchange of skills, aware of the need to systemise the best experiences in order to deal with challenges dictated by the times via cross-border strategic alliances.  

Here, Assolombarda has instituted a vast array of activities and agreements aimed at bolstering alliances with the countries in the Gulf area. In 2020 these culminated by taking part in Expo Dubai, on which occasion the Association launched an international “Life Science - Gulf Area” project — an initiative aimed at identifying new opportunities for dialogue and discussion between the Lombard and Italian health sector and national departments in the Gulf Countries, starting with Saudi Arabia. This commitment on the part of Assolombarda characterised all six months of the Expo and has gone on, up to now, consolidating relationships developed between the respective companies, in part thanks to the support provided by Italian institutions, in particular the diplomatic backing of ICE and SACE.  

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The wish to continue to collaborate with these countries is driven by the companies' interest in a country that is growing strongly: Saudi Arabia, which for its part, is applying its “Saudi Vision 2030” to launch an ambitious plan for economic and social reform and development, working at some levels and in strategic sectors: development in health, privatisation of services, and international partnerships. For Lombardy and Italy, the launching of a project structured in this way provides a unique opportunity to be seen as a chance to share respective skills based on a fruitful, sound, and long-lasting friendship. The setting up of a network that has made the creation of two international forums possible, promoted with the aim of strengthening ties between our countries, should be looked at in this way.  

But that is not all. The activation of a collaboration agreement with one of the leading health operators in KSA, the National Care Company, has allowed businesses in Lombardy and Italy to be involved in setting up partnerships and taking part in government tenders precisely associated with the "Saudi Vision 2030".  A wealth of contacts has given rise to fruitful dialogue with some stakeholders interested in our Lombard companies, with a view to implementing the Saudi plan on the ground in relation to the health system. For example, the National Care Company Group is negotiating and taking part in dialogues with Vivisol on the question of integrated home care, and at the same time, with the Centro Clinico NeMO for highly complex rehabilitation. The aim is to propose other Lombard businesses that can act as international partners. 

The synergy created by Assolombarda with Saudi Arabia has also given rise to a “Saudi Italian Forum” — an occasion to spread the partnership to other sectors, including furnishing and lighting, fashion, construction materials, and energy. In addition, on 4 September this year, Assolombarda collaborated in organising the Italian-Saudi Investments Forum in Milan, promoted jointly by the Saudi Investments Ministry and the Industry and Made in Italy Ministry. The programme included heads of the departments involved: representatives of Humanitas, Gruppo San Donato, and Dompé, who were invited to join the panel dedicated to healthcare and pharma as speakers. Overall, the Forum recorded 1,200 attendees, including 200 Saudi companies. 

Capitalising on its previous successes, Assolombarda intends to continue to facilitate relations and meetings, to affirm Italy's excellence in the Gulf countries: the mission to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, planned for October and November 2024, is part of this. It will be dedicated to companies and structures in the Life Science sector on the occasion of the Global Health Exhibition. This Exhibition is expected to involve some of the main hospitals and private clinics, as well as companies and start-ups.  

On that occasion, in light of an agreement signed with SDA Bocconi, the Association will present the training offered by the Leading Business School in Italy and worldwide excellence in managerial training for the Health Care sector, including Masters programmes, Executive Open Programmes, and skills in designing and implementing custom-made programmes for medical doctors, managers, and employees of public and private health structures.  

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During the mission, Professor Francesca Lecci, Director of SDA Bocconi Master in Healthcare Management, will attend numerous meetings and an important round table at the Global Health Exhibition, presenting the contribution that SDA Bocconi can make to supporting continuous growth in the health systems in the Gulf area. In fact, with more than 50 years’ experience in health management behind them, backed by great attention to research and constant striving for didactic innovation, SDA Bocconi designs and runs research and managerial training programmes that are able to support institutions, companies, and individuals, with framing and managing the great challenges that characterise health systems worldwide. From the need to optimise the allocation of economic, financial, and natural resources to the importance of designing processes and services that are able to guarantee high-quality assistance. From the big questions posed by integrating technology and computerising health care to the question about how to plan and implement efficacious policies. From the relevance of stimulating constant collaboration and interaction between various disciplines and different stakeholders to the crucial aspect of being able to construct models to measure the value generated for patients, caregivers, and the system as a whole.  

The contacts forged, and agreements already stipulated have given rise to a full agenda that provides for meetings with stakeholders, ministries, and regulatory bodies in the Gulf, open to possible partnerships and collaborations with Lombard companies in the healthcare sector and the Management School at Bocconi University. 

Much more awaits at the Global Health Exhibition in Riyadh this year. Register now to learn, network, and lead your business and practice into a revolutionary healthcare market. 

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