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International Women’s Day 2023: A day of celebration and recognition

Article-International Women’s Day 2023: A day of celebration and recognition

International Women's Day celebrations at Informa Middle East
Omnia Health speaks to the talented women at Informa Markets – Healthcare who continue to inspire us and hear their thoughts on the theme of the day, ‘Embrace Equity’.

At Informa Markets, we are fortunate to have so many amazing women as part of our workforce. But we also know that brilliance doesn’t just stop at their profession. On International Women’s Day, we celebrated our colleagues' achievements and asked them their thoughts around the theme of the day, ‘Embrace Equity’. Here’s what they had to say:


Sally Thompson, Content Director, Informa Markets - Healthcare


What are your thoughts on the theme of this International Women’s Day, ‘Embrace Equity’?

It is so important in today’s world for everyone to embrace equity – not only in the workplace but also in our personal lives. Embracing equity is about having an inclusive world, which should be embedded into communities globally from a young age. It’s important to educate future generations to have this as their mindset from the beginning. We need all populations – men and women – to grow up knowing and understanding that women have just as many rights as men. Hats off to all the amazing women I know – from family and friends to colleagues and acquaintances. The world couldn’t survive without women, so let’s embrace equity!

What are some achievements you are most proud of as a woman?

First of all, my number one achievement is my son, Harry. He has just turned five and is the most amazing young boy. He is kind, caring and thoughtful to his friends, family and doggies, and he has the most amazing zest for life. He is a real go-getter, full of energy, and whilst he tires me out, I wouldn’t want it any other way! Every day he always puts a smile on my face, and I hope all his dreams come true.

Secondly, I am proud to have the most amazing family and friends. Being an expat, it can sometimes be challenging to call a new place home, and that is why friendships are so meaningful as they become your family. I am proud that after living in Dubai for nearly 15 years, I have the most incredible network of friends, some of whom are even colleagues, that I just couldn’t live without!

Lastly, I am proud of my work ethic and career. I am blessed to be in my 10th year at Informa, and it’s the most fantastic company that celebrates women in the workplace. I am grateful to have had various promotions throughout the years, and I couldn’t be more thankful to the people who made that happen! Perhaps it is the Capricorn in me, but I believe that opportunities must be earnt. You must put in the hard work, effort, and determination combined with the passion for succeeding. I believe in leading by example, and I would like to think my team see that in me and that I have instilled this philosophy in them too.


Rinku Kurup, Conference Producer


What are your thoughts on the theme of this International Women’s Day, ‘Embrace Equity’?

The theme for the day draws attention to issues that are affecting women across the world and celebrates their achievements. The call has never been more necessary or urgent. Everyone is unique and possesses different skillsets to make them who they are. I feel organisations must make it a standard practice to recognise the different circumstances individuals face and offer opportunities and resources accordingly. There can be additional steps we can take to know more about embracing equity – from providing training and development opportunities that explore the topic of diversity to having open conversations about equity, which will go a long way in building confidence in everyone. Ultimately, as an individual and, more importantly, as a woman, I want to be heard, understood and valued. Small steps do make a difference!

What are some achievements you are most proud of as a woman?

I am incredibly proud of my professional growth within the organisation. On a more personal note, I am proud of having taken care of myself and my family while coping with a personal loss and reminding myself how far I have come as an individual.


Enjy El Mokadem, Conference Producer


What are your thoughts on the theme of this International Women’s Day, ‘Embrace Equity’?

The theme ‘Embrace Equity’ highlights the road to actual inclusion. It’s by equity, not equality that women can have a true representation in society. I am happy awareness in this area is only getting better.

What are some achievements you are most proud of as a woman?

I am a proud mother of three daughters and am raising these “future women” with strong self-worth and awareness about their valuable role in their society.

I am also proud to be passionately working on connecting people in the healthcare sector and helping in disseminating knowledge and awareness about healthcare’s most pressing issues, and witnessing collaborations and partnerships being made as a result of the platforms I support.

Lastly, I am juggling my work-family responsibilities and studying towards receiving my MBA this year.

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