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Holistic healing gains traction

Article-Holistic healing gains traction

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Understanding the root cause of a problem can help alleviate suffering in the long term.

With the rise of chronic diseases and long-term pain, the embrace of alternative medicine has grown more than ever.

There are several reasons why today, an increasing number of patients are opting for more natural treatments. These include concerns about the side effects of medication, or perhaps it presents a solution for those battling persistent pain.

Dr. Riyaz Badami, Homeopathic Practitioner and Medical Director, Good Living Medical Center, Dubai, explained: "We have to understand that a human being is different from a car or any other machine. Everything in a human being is interconnected. Therefore, it is important that we go to the root cause of a problem and don't only look at the symptoms or the condition from which that person is suffering. All aspects, right from when the problem started to how it started and the situation around it, must be considered. So, it's important that a holistic approach, including lifestyle changes, is advised. Homoeopathy works very well in holistically healing a patient when incorporated with a lifestyle change, if and where required."

Dr. Riyaz Badami

Dr. Riyaz Badami

Alternative medicine is an effective treatment plan for those suffering from mental health disorders, which have increased exponentially due to the pandemic. Dr. Badami stressed that conditions such as anxiety, fear, and depression, can be treated effectively with homoeopathy. "The treatment delves deep into the root cause of why this fear or anxiety started, why palpitation occurs and what is the reason for the panic attack. Unless you understand the core, you will never be able to overcome it. Hence, understanding the patient's history is essential to help them cope with their condition well."

Furthermore, homoeopathy also works well for those suffering from allergies, migraines, dysmenorrhea, fibroids or polycystic ovaries. It is also a milder alternative for children experiencing recurrent tonsillitis or chronic sinusitis.

According to Dr. Badami, the UAE has been a pioneer in making alternative medicine mainstream. He said: "We must give credit to the leaders of UAE for having an open mind and accepting alternative medicine as a part of mainstream healthcare, giving licences for homoeopathy, acupuncture and various alternative medicine approaches, right from the early 2000s. I have been practising in Dubai since 2003 and have witnessed the evolution in patients' mindsets and an ever-increasing demand for homoeopathy, acupuncture and ayurvedic treatments. In fact, several medical centres today work closely with alternative medicine specialists."

When asked about how he sees the scope of alternative medicine evolving, he said that the future of medicine is integration. "Allopathic doctors and homoeopathic and ayurvedic doctors and acupuncturists must all work together to leverage each other's strengths. I think the future of healthcare is integration where all hospitals will have departments of alternative medicine and patients can be referred to the different departments to ensure holistic healing," he concluded.

This article appears in the Daily Dose 2023. Read the full issue online today.

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