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Driving dynamic expansion of integrated healthcare

Article-Driving dynamic expansion of integrated healthcare

Mubadala Health Health point hospital Mubadala.jpg
Mubadala Health’s new venture in Dubai includes satellite clinics for Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and Imperial College London Diabetes Centre.

Mubadala Health’s recent expansion of its portfolio of premium healthcare brands to the centrally located Sunset Mall in Jumeirah, has enabled residents from Dubai and the northern emirates access to world-class treatments and advanced technology, facilitated by a clinical team of experts with extensive knowledge and experience.

The new facility provides patients of all ages with convenient access to day surgery, outpatient consultations, and comprehensive diagnostic services for over 30 clinical specialties delivered by best-in-class caregivers in accordance with international care standards and supported by cutting-edge research and world-class education.

Mubadala Health’s new venture in Dubai also includes satellite clinics for both Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, which was recently named as the United Arab Emirates' top hospital in the 2022 World’s Best Hospitals Index, and Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, the region’s leading provider of specialised, holistic care for individuals with diabetes and endocrine disorders.

Building on the cultural shift toward patient-centered care, the facility’s architectural and operational layout was designed to ensure a seamless patient journey.

Dr. Rizwana Popatia, Hasan Jasem Al Nowais, Cassie Purvey.png

“The expansion of Mubadala Health in Dubai enables us to deliver premium healthcare to a wider population of UAE citizens, residents and visitors, providing them with access to international expertise offered by reputable specialists. Mubadala Health Dubai is the result of nurturing a culture of patient-centric care over the last few years, which epitomises our vision for a contemporary, integrated healthcare offering driven by patient experience and precision medicine to accelerate the delivery of high-quality care across the region,” said Hasan Jasem Al Nowais, Chief Executive Officer of Mubadala Health.

“Mubadala Health Dubai consolidates our expertise and ambition to provide patient-centered, high-quality care. Delivering specialised services in a tranquil setting, we provide patients with dependable treatments that aim to maximise convenience and enhance recovery outcomes,” highlighted Dr. Rizwana Popatia, Medical Director, Mubadala Health Dubai. She added, “We utilise the best healthcare practices and technologies to provide hospital-level care in a comfortable outpatient setting delivered by internationally qualified physicians and nurses.’’

“Patient-centricity permeates every facet of our clinic. You will see it as you enter the building. We have disassembled the typical features of a clinic and redesigned it as a patient experience based on delivering the greatest quality care in a serene setting. To further improve patient care, we have also deployed BioIntelliSense remote monitoring technologies. This has allowed us to remotely monitor the health of recently discharged patients who can now rest at home under the remote supervision of medical professionals, making rehabilitation a more convenient and relaxed process. With these touchpoints, we intend to significantly alter how people experience healthcare,” shared Cassie Purvey, Director of Clinical Operations, Mubadala Health Dubai.

Mubadala Health Dubai offers services within and beyond orthopaedics, endocrinology, diabetes, paediatrics, and rehabilitation. In addition to providing testing and care to patients of all ages, the clinic is equipped with a stress test room that can conduct cardiac testing on school-aged children and facilities to host the Fit to Fly test, which simulates an aircraft cabin environment to monitor infants, children, and adults with respiratory issues caused by cabin pressure.


This article appears in the latest issue of Omnia Health Magazine. Read the full issue online today.

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