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Cosmetic Dentistry goes beyond the smile with technology innovations

Article-Cosmetic Dentistry goes beyond the smile with technology innovations

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Omnia Health Magazine spoke to Dr A. Amer, Managing Director and Cosmetics & Laser Dentist at the Dental Spa in Dubai, UAE, to find out what he believes is driving the innovation and trends in cosmetic dentistry in the UAE.

In the field of cosmetic dentistry, we are witnessing an exciting period of advancements with progress in several areas mainly due to the introduction of new technologies and revolutionary materials. 

What are the latest technology trends in cosmetic dentistry?

Without a doubt, laser dentistry and 3D dentistry are the most exciting trends in cosmetic dentistry right now, and with the advances in the materials used in restorations, patients now also get quality aesthetic dentistry resulting in teeth looking more natural than ever before.

For example, digital dentistry helps in creating Clear Aligners, which allow teeth straightening without having to wear traditional metal braces. Not only does it assist in precision and efficiency, but it also makes the dentist’s job easier and ensures the ultimate results for the patient.

Lasers have been significant in making dentistry less invasive, more comfortable and are extremely effective in enhancing cosmetic treatments such as gum recontouring for patients with a “gummy smile” as well as lip and gum depigmentation (or bleaching).

Another popular treatment delivered with laser is intraoral skin tightening, which involves the laser applied to the inside of the mouth stimulating collagen. As a result of this stimulation, there is an immediate reduction in the nasolabial folds along with a plumping effect.

How do you see the cosmetic dentistry industry evolving in the UAE?

Dentistry in the UAE has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. While there were only a few cosmetic dentists in those early days, we currently have approximately 5000 dentists who are licensed and practising in the UAE.

However, the supply of dentists per capita is higher in Dubai than in most developed countries, making running a successful business difficult for dentists practising here. Hi-tech quality dentistry and laser dentistry, as well as keeping up with the latest techniques and technology needs to be a priority for quality practices to improve and enhance the services and treatment we give to patients.

With the continued growth and popularity of social media, patients have higher aesthetic expectations, which will keep motivating practising dentists in keeping up with the advances and continuing to evolve their practices, techniques and materials.

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