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Chile brings sophisticated medical solutions to Florida

Article-Chile brings sophisticated medical solutions to Florida

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Chilean exports recently marked notable growth in the global medical device and equipment market. Here's why.

In 2023, Chilean services exports registered US$2 billion, 55.5 per cent more than in 2022, according to the Department of Market Intelligence of ProChile, with figures from the National Customs Service. These figures are record-breaking in the sector of non-traditional Chilean exports. Additionally, exports in the medical category alone reached US$248 million globally.

This year, ProChile, the Chilean Government Export Promotion Bureau, an agency within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that promotes Chile’s exports of goods and services worldwide, will visit FIME in Miami, Florida, with eight companies prospecting business opportunities.

Jaime Silva, Trade Manager for the sector at ProChile's Miami office, will be a speaker at the trade show to shed light on the advancements the country has made in the global medical device and equipment market, as well as discuss the institutions that support procurement in Chile.

SuppliedJaime Silva

Jaime Silva, Trade Manager Southeast USA, Trade Commission of Chile

The innovative Chilean companies below will showcase advanced cutting-edge devices, sophisticated medical solutions, and the latest technology in the healthcare sector.

  • Plan 3D: Supports teachers and students in the health sector with scientifically and commercially validated clinical simulators that reduce medical errors due to their level of realism and novelty.
  • Candel Medical Company: Provides neuro-rehabilitation from home through transcranial direct current stimulation for stroke and brain trauma treatments complemented with digital therapy through the mobile application.
  • Biomedical Devices: Healthtech startup that supports patients with neurological damage to walk again with more than 50 medical centers, a resourceful customer network in the USA preparing for commercial launch at the end of this year.
  • MedETechni: A leading medical technology company specializing in the development of innovative wound care devices, with a focus on the treatment of the diabetic foot.
  • Eniax: Pioneering health company that created the first virtual assistant, Patricia who accompanies health users in a personalized, decisive and omnichannel way, providing a better care experience.
  • Pegasi de Chile: Accelerates the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients through the intelligent use of data.
  • Salud Moderna de Chile: Pioneering company in digital health for Spanish speakers offering cutting-edge technology integrated into networks of doctors that provide remote medical care of the highest quality.
  • Switch Comunicaciones: Provider of technological solutions that maximize the use of surgical wards with patient tracking systems that indicate the status of patient journey without human intervention by utilizing BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology.

Chilean exports of Research and Development (R&D) services have experienced notable growth, accumulating US$135.7 million in 2023. These exports have diversified into multiple subsectors, excelling in areas of advanced research.

Notably, R&D services in medical and pharmaceutical sciences stand out due to their economic value and potential impact on global health and well-being. The emphasis on pharmaceutical research and development is particularly relevant today, as innovation in medicine and the search for new treatments are more critical than ever.

Chile, through its R&D exports, is contributing significantly to this field, establishing itself as a key player in the development of advanced medical and therapeutic solutions with international implications.

Sign up here to register for FIME 2024, the largest medical trade show in the US, and learn more about the latest trends disrupting the industry.

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