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Voice of the Healthcare Industry Market Outlook 2021: Skills gaps and learning objectives

Article-Voice of the Healthcare Industry Market Outlook 2021: Skills gaps and learning objectives

Download our Voice of the Healthcare Industry Market Outlook 2021 report to see what healthcare organisations are prioritising in education and skills.

Since our Voice of the Healthcare Industry Market Outlook report in December 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected every single member of the healthcare community, both personally and professionally – and at every level of the supply chain, from manufacture to bedside care.

Through this year's survey, we asked healthcare respondents worldwide about the impact of the events of 2020-21, including technologicalfinancial and healthcare delivery. We also invited respondents to share how they responded to the pandemic

Skills gaps

We asked respondents about the current educational gaps related to their role, and the highest proportion identified technology at 31% – the highest response over leadership, medical specialty, marketing, and other areas.

In the GCC, however, leadership and management emerged as greater skills gaps than technology at 38% and 27% respectively.

In the Americas, product management/ design and project management are bigger skills gaps than in other regions, while in Africa and the Middle East, sales and finance are bigger skills gaps than elsewhere.

Learning objectives

Digital marketing is by far the most popular learning objective for the next 12 months at 41%, followed by AI at 21%, Big Data/analytics and mental health/wellness at 20%.

Digital marketing is less of a learning concern in the GCC and Middle East, both regions that are more interested in virtual MBA than other regions.

About the report

The Voice of the Healthcare Industry Market Outlook 2021 survey was designed by Informa Markets to understand the impact that the pandemic has had on four key areas of the industry: manufacturers and agents, dealers and distributors; clinics and medical practices; private hospitals and public hospitals; government and health regulators; and charities, non-profits and NGOs.

Through GRS Research & Strategy Middle East we asked 1,600 respondents worldwide about the financial and operational impact of the events brought by the pandemic.

The survey also looked to assess how the industry has responded to the pandemic, and how key players have evolved their business strategy. We also asked participants to reflect on how the future will look, and what key trends they are now anticipating. 

Download the full report for free

Click here to download the Voice of the Healthcare Industry Market Outlook 2021

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