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Webinars and Reports

Webinar: Automation and Artificial Intelligence in diagnostic Immunofluorescence Microscopy using EUROPattern

A look at how automation and AI applications can help the diagnostic laboratory staff.

This webinar introduces the challenges of (indirect) immunofluorescence microscopy and how automation and artificial intelligence (AI) applications can help the diagnostic laboratory staff overcome these challenges. Immunofluorescence assays (IFA) still are the gold standard for many diagnostic applications, with anti-nuclear antibody (ANA) testing in Rheumatology being the most prominent one globally.

With the advent of automated, computer-aided microscopy, IFA testing has experienced a renaissance as an integral part of diagnostic labs. It has become more scalable than ever before and even the highest throughput applications are realizable with an unprecedented level of automation.

In addition to that, AI is pushing the limits of automated pattern recognition even further. Innovation and demand meet to form a new generation of diagnostic solutions.

Learning Objectives

* Understand what the challenges in immunofluorescence microscopy are

* Understand automation concepts in the immunofluorescence microscopy

* Understand how artificial intelligence can assist in this arena


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MedLab Report
Report: The Evolution of Healthcare – Laboratory Empowerment

Download the report

In this report we highlight perspectives shared during Medlab Middle East talks that revealed current challenges faced by lab professionals, and the changes required to bolster their abilities in these complex times.

This report was produced in association with Siemens Healthineers, a leading medtech company committed to helping healthcare professionals deliver high-quality care. 

MedLab Report