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Stay ahead with Sysmex!

Article-Stay ahead with Sysmex!

Sysmex has never been your standard healthcare company.

Dubai, December 2016 – Sysmex has never been your standard healthcare company. And as the years progress, we continue to set ourselves apart from others. We’re the global leaders in haematology. We are known around the world for our expertise in urinalysis and haemostasis. In lab automation. The world of oncology is increasingly taking on our specialised solutions in areas such as liquid biopsies, OSNA and innovative treatments for chemotherapy patients. And importantly, we are known for the dedication and excellent support from our service network. But how? What makes us so strong?

Quite simply, our strength stems from the firm belief that, through our knowledge and its use and application, we can stay ahead of our competition. We do not claim to be an all-round solution provider. Instead, we focus on specific issues to which we can apply our knowledge and expertise and offer solutions to real issues for real clients, so that you can improve the work you do for your clients. We are dedicated to helping you Stay ahead with Sysmex…

We’re greatly looking forward to meeting you all at this year’s Medlab as we believe we have again managed to devise solutions to issues that will help you. In haematology, for example, the time has come in which we can now truly make a difference on a clinical level. Far more than just a blood count, our analysers now offer genuine insight into clinical conditions, which will benefit both labs in terms of offering clients more added value, and clinicians in terms of diagnostic support.

One of the major developments this year is our new urinalysis series. For the first time, we can offer an ‘all-in-one’ series of analysers that will allow you to analyse both through chemistry and sediment, followed by imaging and validation. All automatically, with no hands-on work at all. This is a must-see.

In terms of newness, urinalysis is only beaten by the fact that, for the first time, we will be presenting our flow cytometry division. Purchased in 2013, Sysmex Partec is now Sysmex Flow Cytometry, and we have our first improved analysers on the market, coupled with antibodies dedicated to research and industry. This area promises much for the future, so at this year’s MEDLAB you have the chance to get on board on ground level.
Last but not least, come and talk to us about the latest developments in Life Science. We truly understand the importance of cross-functional communication in oncology, where the best solutions are achieved by experts from different areas working together. You’ll find a special focus on our liquid biopsy, which eliminates the need for patient tissue samples and will significantly help you improve patient’s quality of life. OSNA delivers the sensitivity and standardisation needed to improve your cancer staging. Ask our experts. They will give you the details.

The Medlab exhibition is one of our key platforms in the region for showcasing our development, and we greatly look forward to discussing with you how we can help you Stay Ahead. You will find us at booth number Z5.A10.

About Sysmex

Sysmex Corporation, based in Kobe, Japan, is one of the leading international providers of solutions for systemizing processes for medical laboratories, including laboratory diagnostics and laboratory automation. For over 45 years Sysmex has been setting new standards with its technologies and os contributes significantly to improvements in terms of health: Shaping the Advancement of Healthcare.

The company has regional offices in North America, Latin America, Europe, China and Asia-Pacific region and employs more than 6000 employees worldwide. Sysmex Corporation is listed on the Tokyo stock exchange

To learn more about Sysmex Corporation and Sysmex Europe as a whole, please go to For more information about Sysmex Middle East and Africa, please go to

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