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ISDM webinar: Smart laboratories and the future of workspaces

Thanks to the advances in technology integrations, laboratories and other workspaces/buildings can become more than intelligent.

As a Facilities or Lab Director, do you have data that shows how your workers are using your spaces and what workspace you actually need? As an IT Director, how are your systems supporting the use of smart buildings and how can you manage new technology in an integrated setting, not as standalone bolt-ons?

Data-driven optimization allows you to further improve your work environment, turning it into a catalyst for innovation and growth. Thanks to the advances in technology integrations, laboratories and other workspaces/buildings can become more than intelligent: they can evolve and adapt to the requirements of your company with flexibility.

With the rise of the hybrid model of working, designated spaces are losing ground to agile workspaces that can adapt to demand and increased workflow. Meanwhile, desk sharing in both the office and laboratory setting is becoming more popular than ever, bringing real infrastructure savings, and preventing potential capacity issues. With the correct solutions, you can manage occupancy, assets and systems, in real-time, to give you the data you need to repurpose spaces, meet H&S Strategies and Sustainability initiatives. These cost savings will allow substantial reinvestment into R&D while supporting a more efficient and effective workflow.

In this webinar, ISDM provides solutions and services that allow you to capture and analyse data, spot trends and support strategies that help your workforce communicate better.

Learning objectives

  • Learn how you can assess your workspace for optimized performance
  • Find out what technology can save you money across your estate by  investing in smart technology
  • What are the benefits of space management technology in the “new normal” and what metrics can influence strategic decisions both in the laboratory and in overall real estate
  • What solutions are currently available and what are the benefits
  • Understand who ISDM is as a brand and what solutions can benefit your laboratories 


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