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Gold standard in rapid tests

Article-Gold standard in rapid tests

CIGA spotlights growth opportunities in Rapid Self Testing Diagnostics.

During the early days of the pandemic, Northern Ireland-based company CIGA was invited to become a Consortium Member of the UK RTC COVID-19 Antibody Test consortium by the UK Government to assist and create the first UK designed and made COVID-19 Antibody test.

Neill Armstrong, International Sales Director, CIGA, told Omnia Health Insights: “Being invited to become a Consortium Member was a tremendous honour for CIGA Healthcare. Our mission is to continue to provide top class service to our customers and to offer a continuous pipeline of new products that will push the Rapid Self testing diagnostics marketplace forward.”

The COVID-19 crisis did create several challenges to how CIGA Healthcare operates. However, in the midst of challenges, the firm saw an increase in the demand for its Suresign COVID-19 tests and other Suresign products such as blood pressure monitors and oximeters, which are used in the against COVID-19.

Armstrong said: “CIGA Healthcare has seen significant growth in sales during the pandemic. An example of this is that CIGA supplied the British Government and other Governments across the world with COVID-19 tests. The company is now working with many new partners across the world and we continue to seek new opportunities to grow CIGA Healthcare off the back of COVID-19.”

All CIGA Healthcare devices are manufactured under ISO 13485 quality management standards to ensure all its products are of the highest quality and standard. The company also provides continuous training to its partners to keep them updated about its latest products.

At the upcoming ‘Northern Ireland: Providing innovative solutions to the world’s healthcare challenges’ webinar, CIGA Healthcare will be focusing on how Rapid Self Testing Diagnostic tests can be used in the fight against COVID-19. “Added to this, we will be talking about new growth opportunities in Rapid Self Testing Diagnostics in the marketplace,” he added.

Armstrong concluded by sharing that CIGA Healthcare are about to launch an Over the Counter (OTC) Urinary Tract Infection test, along with a new OTC Ferritin Test and OTC Vitamin tests.

Join the webinar: Northern Ireland: Providing innovative solutions to the world’s healthcare challenges
Tuesday 9th February – 3PM GST

You can hear more from CIGA at this webinar hosted by Invest Northern Ireland, the economic development agency for Northern Ireland, UK. With expertise across a range of specialisms, including respiratory products, diagnostics, medical devices, e-health and medtech, companies from Northern Ireland are enabling treatments that transform lives across the globe.

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