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Webinars and Reports

Current Topics and Challenges in Antimicrobial Resistance

This webinar highlights the current challenges in today’s microbiology laboratory.

There has been an increased focus on the microbiology laboratory over the past year due to Covid-19. However, antibiotic resistance has not diminished. In fact, with the more frequent usage of antibiotics for both inpatients and outpatients, antibiotic resistance has increased.

The importance of accurate MICs and susceptibility has been explained in this webinar, in the context of what antibiotic resistance is clinically relevant today. For Gram-negative organisms, carbapenem resistance and ESBL production are at critical on the World Health Organization list. Resistance to colistin is also important. For Gram-positive organisms, MRSAs and vancomycin resistance have historically been important – and continue today. There are some new antibiotics, particularly for gram-negative organisms. However, it is important to remember the basic concepts of antimicrobial stewardship so that these new antibiotics will continue to be effective.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify current challenges in today’s microbiology – not related to COVID
  • Know the importance of MICs and susceptibility testing
  • Know what antibiotic resistance is clinically important today – WHO Antibiotic Resistance Threats
  • Know some basic concepts of antimicrobial stewardship in an era of bacterial resistance
  • Know some facts about new key antibiotics – especially those to treat gram-negative infections


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MedLab Report
Report: The Evolution of Healthcare – Laboratory Empowerment

Download the report

In this report we highlight perspectives shared during Medlab Middle East talks that revealed current challenges faced by lab professionals, and the changes required to bolster their abilities in these complex times.

This report was produced in association with Siemens Healthineers, a leading medtech company committed to helping healthcare professionals deliver high-quality care. 

MedLab Report