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Brazil exhibits at the most important trade fair in the laboratory sector in the Middle East

Article-Brazil exhibits at the most important trade fair in the laboratory sector in the Middle East

Brazilian companies aim at great business, once the Arabic territory depends on imports.

Companies associated to ABIMO (Brazilian Medical Devices Manufacturers Association) and which are part of the Brazilian Health Devices project, carried out by the entity itself in partnership with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency), will attend Medlab between February 6th and February 9th, a trade fair completely focused on the Middle East laboratory sector. It will be the first year when Medlab will take place out of Arab Health, the largest event of the Middle East health sector, which takes place in the Dubai Convention Center.

The region has high per capita income, population with high rates of consumption, progressive economy based on liberalization and diversification. The Brazilian companies Bioclin, Biomedtech, DK Diagnostics, Indrel, Labtest, LB Diagnóstica and Lupetec will have the opportunity to participate of an important business platform searching for new markets. The companies will present to the Middle East: diagnosis or laboratory reagents, in vitro diagnosis, devices for medical tests, laboratory tests, laboratory refrigerators and products for hematology.

According to Clara Porto, ABIMO’s marketing and exports manager, the Arabic countries has general demand for products and devices in the health area. “There is almost no national production of the sector, the region is quite dependent on imports. There is great acceptance of Brazilian products, so we expect good contacts and profitable deals’, she says.

The numbers in the last three years raise the expectations regarding the Brazilian sales of the health sector to the Middle East. Comprised by Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Qatar, Syria, Turkey, Kuwait, Lebanon and Oman, the region imported an amount of US$ 11,911,462 from the Brazilian companies in 2015, amount 12% greater than the sum of the imports in 2014.

“In general, the perspectives to export to the Middle East are always positive, because they mean a market diversification and also because this region has been sympathetic to Brazilian products and the way of negotiating that the Brazilian culture carries with itself”, evaluates.

In accordance with the numbers of 2015, four countries are responsible for 95% of the Brazilian exports to Middle East: United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Exhibitors expectations

Bioclin already works in the region with reagents for human and veterinary diagnostics, mainly focused on biochemistry and molecular biology. “For the first time, we will present molecular biology and equine anemia products in the veterinarian area. The company intends to consolidate and expand its transatlantic present”, said Danilo Andrade, responsible for the company’s foreign trade area.

“Identifying the requirements to work in the Asian market and raising the potential customers” are Labtest’s main goals during the trade fair, according to the international business manager, Renata de Almeida. The company will take products of the basic biochemistry line, aimed at the measurement of glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, among others.

According to Caio Martins, Lupetec’s administrative director, the company’s intention, during Medlab, is the business prospection at the location, which has a strong growth in the sector. “We have already attended Arab Health and Medlab. In the next edition, we will take our Microtomes’ line used to produce sequential cuts in samples included in paraffin and other materials in the laboratory, industrial and research segment”, tells Martins.

“The expectations are good, the region has demonstrated a higher capacity of absorbing our products, and these are being looked for by new customers, which we have met during previous trade fairs”, highlights Paulo Francisco Windlin, DK Diagnostics commercial relations and exports manager, a company that already works in the Arabic territory, through kits to detect parasites in feces and kit for Pap test. “We will be presenting, definitively, our GPT - Green Pap Test, which was presented last year, but it was not in the market yet. In the next year, this new product will already be marketed for the entire region”, he adds.

With the participation at the event, Biomedtech technical and commercial director, Carlos Benzoni, aims at meeting new commercial partners and distributors in order to expand the customers’ universe around the world. “We manufacture hematology reagents for clinical analysis in our factory in Guarulhos, São Paulo”, points out the director, who still complements: “We are going to promote our products complete line, including reagents for hematology counters from the Coulter line, Abbott Laser (5 Diff) and for almost all hematology equipment on the world market”.


The SP (Sectorial Project) (PS – Projeto Setorial), Brazilian Health Devices, carried out by ABIMO in partnership with Apex-Brasil, has as its mission to foster the exports from industries of goods and healthcare devices. Brazilian Health Devices is the brand that brings together the export sector industries and represents them internationally.


ABIMO (Brazilian Medical Devices Manufacturers Association) is the representative organization of the Brazilian industry of health products that seeks to promote the sustainable growth of the sector in national and international markets.


Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency) has the mission to develop the competitiveness of Brazilian companies, promoting the internationalization of their businesses and attracting foreign direct investments. Apex-Brasil currently supports more than 12,000 companies from 80 productive sectors of the Brazilian economy, exporting to more than 200 markets. The Agency also coordinates the efforts of attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) to the country.

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