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3D-exosomes to transform regenerative medicine in Dubai

Article-3D-exosomes to transform regenerative medicine in Dubai

Image via Canva Pro regenerative medicine
Derived from stem cells, 3D-exosomes offers enhanced therapeutic efficacy and minimises the risk of tissue rejection.

The Stem Cells Center, the Dubai-based laboratory of Bioscience Institute, recently introduced a cutting-edge solution in regenerative medicine, Stem Cell-derived 3D Exosomes. The 3D-exosomes are manufactured using stem cells that are 100 per cent compatible with human tissues and feature regenerative properties similar to stem cells.

Unlike other exosomes that are affected by preservation processes and substances that alter the product, these 3D-exosomes are fresh and ready to use, thus maximising their therapeutic potential and effectiveness.


Dr. Giuseppe Mucci, Professor Michele Zocchi, and Dr. Giuseppe Marchesani

At the launch, Bioscience claimed that it does not use exosomes derived from plants, as they are not compatible with human tissues and lack regenerative properties. The compatibility of stem cells with human tissues enhances their therapeutic efficacy and minimises the risk of rejection or negative side effects. By utilising the regenerative properties of stem cells, the 3D-exosomes offer an innovative approach to treatments, ranging from ageing and aesthetic needs to functional conditions of human tissues such as skin, bones, hair, cartilage, and organs. So far, the 3D exosomes extracted demonstrated positive results.

The launch of STEM CELL DERIVED 3D-EXOSOMES represents a significant development in the field of regenerative medicine, with the potential to revolutionise patient care and transform the way hospitals work. These exosomes can be a promising avenue for physicians and healthcare organisations to explore and offer hope for patients suffering from a variety of conditions.


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