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Top five innovative products at Medlab Middle East

Article-Top five innovative products at Medlab Middle East

Medlab Middle East innovative products.jpg
A look at new-gen solutions changing the face of laboratory workflows and immunoassays.

Automation and sustainability were among the key features of products and solutions displayed at Medlab Middle East 2023, which takes place until February 9. Leaders from across the globe presented unique offerings aimed to usher in an advanced technology-driven era in the laboratory sector. While there are plenty of tech to go about, here are a few innovative ones to take note of:

3D bioprinting: BIO CELLX by CELLINK

BIO-CELLX 3D biodispenser

The award-winning BIO CELLX is the world’s first-ever 3D biodispenser that ‘prints’ organ-like structures on the lab bench and gives researchers biometric data, which eliminates the waiting time involved in biopsies and the need for organ donations that are often analysed for complex research. The device moves away from traditional bioprinting by using an innovative bioink and comes as CELLINK’s response democratising the field of bioprinting and creating an affordable and accessible solution for every researcher. BIO CELLX was named a “New Product Award Winner” by the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) in 2022.

Quality control: Acusera 24/7 IQC platform by Randox

Acusera 24/7 IQC platformHarnessing the power of technology combined with medical software development, Randox presents the Acusera 24/7 IQC platform that is equipped with automated features that instantly flag failures in quality control and also identify false rejections. Besides securing the accuracy of workflows, the solution bridges the gap between internal quality control and external quality assessments. The web-based platform is also flexible and offers configurations personalised according to different laboratory needs — ranging from target values and performance limits to multi-rules.

Syndromic testing: QIAstat-Dx Rise by QIAGEN

QIAstat-Dx Rise by QIAGEN

Reeling in a new era in syndromic testing, the hands-free QIAstat-Dx Rise provides diagnostic results for up to 56 tests within an eight-hour shift. This means significant efficiency, flexibility and increased testing capacity. According to the Netherlands-based company QIAGEN, the solution is complemented by the QIAstat-Dx Analyzer runs with all-in-one cartridges containing preloaded reagents, and promises labs with rapid results and accuracy in diagnosis. This is further digitally linked to hospitals’ Electronic Medical Systems, enabling efficiency at every stage.

Optimised point of care: ID NOWTM by Abbott

Abbott ID NOW platform

Workflow optimisation is the need of the hour, and this has led to an influx of point-of-care testing solutions aimed at boosting real-time decision-making processes and improving patient care. Keeping up with the evolving landscape is Abbott’s ID Now, currently known as the fastest rapid molecular respiratory testing solution that does not compromise the quality of diagnostics. Its performance takes 13 minutes or less, maintains a constant temperature and eliminates the conventional heating and cooling process, which empower physicians to overcome delays in real-time settings.

Compact labs: DxA 5000 Fit by Beckman Coulter

DxA 5000 Fit Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter steers away from modular automation in the lab with the DxA 5000 Fit that not only drives total laboratory automation and secures high-quality results through patented innovation, but also caters to the space-saving needs of small and mid-sized laboratories. The consolidated platform features multidisciplinary connections and delivers the most comprehensive pre-analytical sample assessments in the industry within a short turnaround time. The solution further reduces manual steps by 80 per cent in pre- and post-analytical stages with up to 75 per cent reduction in errors.



Visit Medlab Middle East 2023 to attend thought-provoking sessions led by industry experts from across the globe.


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