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Spotlight: French Healthcare

Article-Spotlight: French Healthcare

Jean-Patrick Lajonchére
At Arab Health, the France Pavilion featured over 50 businesses featuring top-notch healthcare expertise and technologies.

France is world-renowned for its unwavering belief in the universality of healthcare. At Arab Health, the France Pavilion featured over 50 businesses featuring top-notch healthcare expertise and technologies. We caught up with Jean-Patrick Lajonchére, director-general of Paris St Joseph Hospital to talk about how the region can boost its healthcare offerings through relevant partnerships. 

Access to healthcare is arguably a fundamental human right. Yet most of the world struggles to provide basic health services to even the most vulnerable groups of people. For Jean-Patrick Lajonchére, director-general of Paris St. Joseph Hospital, the French framework for healthcare is a beacon of hope for the world.

“From the latest advancements in orthopaedics to the applications of artificial intelligence in tackling the global fight against COVID-19, we are here to present the best of our technology and applications for patient care,” he said, speaking at the Business France/French Healthcare stand (Zabeel Hall 2, stand J30) on Tuesday.

The French healthcare system is made up of both public and private hospitals to provide healthcare to every resident in France, regardless of their age, income or citizenship. Access to healthcare is still a huge challenge for much of the world, let alone our region, which is why Lajonchére believes the French model could provide inspiration for the industry at a time when we need it the most. 

French Healthcare is an initiative powered by Business France, which aims to bring French businesses, researchers and healthcare professionals to jointly promote their activities internationally.  “Oncology is our speciality. We are well known in this field and have many Nobel Prizes to our credit. We have many institutes that are very involved in the treatment of cancer.” 

The relationship between the UAE and France in knowledge sharing and support is well documented, particularly in oncology, Lajonchére explained. For French Healthcare, the Middle East and North African region is key, within which the UAE stands out as an integral corridor. 

 “This friendship is well known, especially in oncology. The UAE and all the Gulf countries are very important partners for France because our way of thinking is so similar,” he said. In terms of knowledge sharing, Lajonchére noted that many medical students go to France each year from the region, receive training and give back to their communities. “In a few days, we will have another strategic discussion between the United Arab Emirates and France on how to collaborate more closely on the healthcare system in the coming year,” Lajonchére said. 

Like many countries, France has been very involved in the fight against COVID-19. It has been a hard eighteen months for hospital staff, public policy experts and healthcare suppliers, but according to Lajonchére, the pandemic revealed strengths as well as opportunities within the French framework. “I’m very proud of what has been done over the past year and a half in France. I know we are not unique as a country to respond to the pandemic,” he said. 

Since the pandemic, hospitals across France mobilised staff to come together, the Ministry of Health organised first-responders at regional and national levels and the private sector ramped up partnerships to accelerate research and technology, putting patient care first. 

Business France, in partnership with the French Healthcare Association and the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, features various key players within the French health system at Arab Health. Visit the France Pavilion to learn more about the French health model, research in many fields, pharmaceutical offerings and digital health solutions in Zabeel Hall 2.

French Healthcare has launched a new website, with the latest news, events and innovations in pharma, biotech, medtech and digital health. If you are looking to get innovative solutions, get mappings of French solutions, get medical treatment or training in France, develop a business, medical or scientific partnership with a French firm, or invest in France, please visit

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