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Resume of the future

Article-Resume of the future

Trueprofile.png to help healthcare professionals boost their career potential.®, powered by the DataFlow Group, has launched a new digital resume for their blockchain-based document verification platform to reimagine the traditional resume.

Competition for coveted healthcare roles is fiercer than ever. With a huge volume of applications for each role, credible candidates need a new way to display their career accolades. have developed a new myTrueProfile page for its Members, which enables hopeful job applicants to build a new, verified digital resume, which can be shared with and viewed by employers.

Do resumes help or hinder during healthcare hiring?

Submitting a resume is common practice for the majority of job applications. However, with around 50 per cent of traditional paper CVs said to contain falsifications, it’s safe to say that this practice is flawed – particularly in high-risk industries like healthcare. When it comes to international recruitment, this issue is only exacerbated on a larger, more complex scale.

Statements made around professional accolades are ultimately designed to impress and, in an increasingly competitive job market, ordinarily scrupulous candidates can give into the temptation of adding embellishments to their CV in the hope of securing a new role.

Thanks to the enforcement of background checks and document verification within the healthcare industry in the GCC, dishonest applicants never get to the finish line when it comes to securing a new position. However, the rise of dishonesty during the application process causes a huge strain on hiring managers and sifting through false information means that less time can be spent on trustworthy candidates.

Qualified healthcare professionals are more than just a resume

The hiring process isn’t just cumbersome for those in charge of recruiting new employees, but also for the potential employees themselves. Writing and updating a resume is just the start, and with so many CVs flooding into a recruiter’s inbox, it’s easy for an authentic candidate to be overlooked.

The first stage is often who can submit the most impressive, yet unverified, paper-based account of their professional accolades. Ultimately, a traditional resume and its unproven written statements are a poor proxy for a ready-to-hire, qualified healthcare professional.

When a job seeker has verified their credentials such as degrees, medical licences, good standing certificates and references they need a legitimate means of displaying their professional validity outside of a few sheets of A4.

The solution? Introducing the new myTrueProfile page has developed just the thing to provide applicants with a level playing field in which to present their career information: the myTrueProfile page.

Helping verified professionals get hired

Once signed up, Members are granted with a digital resume that they can populate with their professional documents and traditional CV elements – including their verified credentials, known as ‘TrueProofs®’. Job seekers can choose exactly who they wish to share their information with and can send the link directly to employers or regulators and can even display their new digital CV on LinkedIn. Any verifications they have stored on their myTrueProfile page can be checked and validated by a potential employer via blockchain.

For those who are actively seeking a new position, they can opt to make their profile visible to employers in order to build new career opportunities. As the individual’s career develops, new sections can be added and verified to reflect their professional growth. Once candidates are in their new role, they can switch their profile to private so that it can only be viewed by them until it’s needed for their next big career move.

Getting started

Our ethos is to ensure that trustworthy, verified candidates can fast-track their career potential with the help of The digital resume is completely free of charge for all members and by sharing career information in this format it helps to ensure that recruiters and hiring managers do not waste their time and resources on unscrupulous or fraudulent candidates.

To join the community, sign up for free at

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