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New DXH Second Medical Opinion (SMO) program launched for health tourists

Article-New DXH Second Medical Opinion (SMO) program launched for health tourists

The patients will be able to receive a second opinion from a team of multidisciplinary specialists and consultants within two working days.

To address the needs of patients traveling from outside Dubai and to provide them every necessary assistance required for their speedy recovery, Dubai Health Experience (DXH) has introduced a Second Medical Opinion (SMO) program. The initiative is designed to take that burden off of the patient’s and his/her family’s shoulders, in order to enable them to make the best and most informed decisions about the treatment.

Fast turnaround is one of the most attractive features of the program. The patients will be able to receive a second opinion from a team of multidisciplinary specialists and consultants in selected health care providers within two working days once the complete reports and existing medical reports and Diagnosis is provided. Furthermore, full confidentiality and peace of mind is guaranteed as the reports and medical records are only shared with the concerned specialist. The seven key specialties covered under the DXH SMO program are Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, IVF/Fertility related treatments, Cardiology, Neurology, Oncology and Urology.

Signing up for the SMO program involves easy steps. To begin, the patient, insurance provider or a facilitator is required to set up an online account on the website and select one from the listed specialties. Following this, he/she must search for the preferred healthcare facility, which is an selected member of the DXH-SMO Program. After sharing the requested medical records and reports online, the patient must request a second medical opinion by completing the DXH-SMO request form. Once these steps are completed, the patient will be able to avail the second medical opinion report online.

Dr. Marwan Al Mulla, CEO of DHA's Health Regulation Sector, said: "Dubai’s strength in the healthcare sector lies in the delivery of patient-centric care. Led by a vision to provide happy and healthy recovery experiences to our patients, the program was developed that offers medical opinion by multidisciplinary teams comprising of specialists and consultants. In addition to ensuring a fast turnaround time, the process also standardizes the services and experience offered by the selected hospitals”.

Being diagnosed with a life-altering illness impact the patient and their loved ones in several ways, and coping strategies become imperative. The patient will need all the information to about the condition and the options before making a decision. This is where the significance of the DXH- SMO Program lies. It provides patients with a hassle-free and effective way of getting a second specialist’s perspective. This include insights into the diagnosed medical condition through the review of medical reports, validation of the original diagnosis, discussions with referring doctors, and recommendations on treatment plans, including latest/alternate treatment modalities that are available in Dubai.

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