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Meeting the increasing demand for immunity boosters

Article-Meeting the increasing demand for immunity boosters

Tariq-Mitchel Kaadan.jpg
Tariq-Mitchel Kaadan
Interview with Tariq-Mitchel Kaadan, Business Development Manager, America Medic & Science (AMS)

What did AMS showcase at Arab Health?

AMS is an American nutraceutical company. We specialise in the development and manufacturing of all-natural vitamins, minerals, and other healthcare products. We mainly specialise in fertility supplements. But over the years, we have branched out into different categories within the vitamins sector, which we showcased at the show.

How did AMS respond to the increase in demand for vitamins due to the COVID-19 crisis? 

Due to the pandemic, we saw significant demand for immunity boosters and immunity supporting products such as zinc, vitamin C, and other unique immunity blends. We weren’t expecting this demand, and it came as a surprise. But with the support of our team and network of suppliers, vendors, and customers, we have managed to fulfil and meet this demand. We did experience a slowdown in our fertility range, but that’s picked up as well now.

How, in your opinion, can businesses continue to operate in the new normal?

If it weren’t for businesses uniting, we wouldn’t have made it out of COVID, whether as corporations or individuals. We saw how companies’ cooperation allowed for the mass production of masks and other types of protective equipment and vaccines. COVID has allowed us to think outside the box about cooperating and working together to deliver better quality products to customers and better services. The ecosystem and the landscape of healthcare have grown.

Are there any future plans that you would like to highlight? 

We have a few plans in the pipeline but will announce these maybe at the next Arab Health! Our goal has always been to serve our customers better, cater to their needs, and ensure they get their vitamins and supplements most conveniently. We are delighted to be at Arab Health. It’s exciting for us as this is the first show we are attending post the pandemic. It’s been nice to see the attendance and see that people are getting comfortable with being around one another again. It’s nice to know that exhibitions can still happen the way they used to happen before.

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