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Leader Healthcare drives the future of healthcare

Article-Leader Healthcare drives the future of healthcare

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Sabu Thomas
At Arab Health 2020, Leader Healthcare highlighted how AI has the potential to drive the healthcare industry’s shift towards providing improved clinical outcomes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just a buzzword anymore and is changing healthcare for the better. This is evident at Leader Healthcare’s presence at the show, as the company’s solutions are highlighting how AI has the potential to drive the healthcare industry’s shift towards providing improved clinical outcomes.

Sabu Thomas, Chief Operating Officer, Leader Healthcare tells Daily Dose: “The UAE’s vision has been towards driving Artificial Intelligence (AI), virtual reality, automation, robotics etc. We at Leader Healthcare have also decided to implement that and are focusing full-fledged into AI.”

He says that the company is working in the area of AI in terms of improving the interpretation of clinical data that could help the clinician as a strong decision-making tool For instance, he explains, if a person goes in for a CT scan or an X-ray or MRI, a radiologist or a pulmonologist would interpret things based on their knowledge. “Based on AI, there are algorithms that are fed into from millions of databases from all over the world and with this feedback, the software is able to look at each and every nodule, read the algorithm and accordingly enhance the diagnostic capabilities of existing modalities such as X-ray or CT scan.”

The most important thing, Thomas emphasizes, is that the algorithm can pinpoint if there is a cancerous cell in the lungs. He says, “Even if you are not looking at it, the algorithm will bring it out. This makes it a great prevention tool. Plus, it also becomes cost effective for healthcare providers to diagnose and come up with solutions.”

Furthermore, the algorithm is able to forecast and foresee if the patient has the chance of getting a heart attack or lung cancer, in 4 years or 10 years. “If it is a brain scan, it might be able to tell you that in 10 years, you will have a 98% chance of having dementia or cancer or breast cancer. The person is then able to take preventive measures before the symptoms start,” he adds.

Leader Healthcare also has a stem cell research and genomic lab that set up at their booth. Thomas says: “In the genomic lab, based on this diagnosis coming in from AI, you are able to play around with the genome and make sure that you don’t have the disease that is diagnosed.”

When asked about what the future looks like, he shares, “In my opinion, the future will be that doctors will deal with completely fine individuals and take care of their well-being. Well-being is all about avoiding diseases, so it will be a fantastic time for future generations! If I am going to look forward to 2023, you will see a completely different Leader Healthcare where we will continue to drive the vision of the UAE's leadership, and look at providing quality healthcare,” he concludes.

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