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Healthier Future With ROHA’s Natural Products

Article-Healthier Future With ROHA’s Natural Products

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The family-owned company ROHA offers natural and ingredient-rich medicinal products in renowned German quality.

Established 1919 in Bremen, Northern Germany, ROHA's high-quality products help people around the world not only to become healthier but also more health-conscious, vital and productive.

During the early 1930’s the products branded Bekunis, whose active ingredients came from the indigenous senna plant, dominated ROHAs assortment. Today, Bekunis Herbal Tea is still considered a reliable natural remedy for digestive problems. The same applies to Bekunis Senna Laxative Dragees, which ROHA introduced in many countries worldwide.

Over the next few decades, ROHA expanded its portfolio with innovative brands such as Bakanasan, Sanhelios and Re-Load vital. To this day, customers from pharmacies, health food stores, and drugstores trust the high-grade herbal health products from ROHA.

Market Leader for Propolis Products
Inspired by the exceptional effects of propolis, a protective resin from bees, ROHA specialises in propolis products. With more than 40 years of experience of processing propolis, ROHA has become the market leader in Germany. In addition to the production of cosmetics and dietary supplements, ROHA holds drug approvals for products with propolis, manufactured under GMP conditions in Germany: Propolis Capsules for supporting immune system and Propolis Throat Lozenges for the throat and the respiratory tract.

beecraft: Just Bee Natural
The new beecraft brand enriches the impressive ROHA range of natural health products. The name beecraft speaks for itself: all of the natural ingredients come from the beehive. The main component is propolis, one of the oldest most-researched remedies in the world. Characteristic are the compounds of so-called phytamines, also known as polyphenols. These occur as bioactive substances in plants and significantly determine the quality of propolis. ROHA refines the newly developed beecraft brand with a standardised propolis mixture from various regions containing at least 30 per cent phytamines. With a unique combination of pure propolis from different areas of the world and the certificate Certified Phytamines 300+, ROHA ensures a highly divisive yet consistent concentration of health-promoting natural compounds.

The regular procurement of high-quality propolis is an ever-growing challenge, which is regularly attained by a dedicated ROHA sister company, one of Europe’s leading propolis importers. The extensive beecraft product assortment consists of various products for the throat and respiratory tract, immune strength, oral and dental care, and skincare cosmetics.

ROHA is Committed to Bee Health
Concerned about the decline in bee colonies, ROHA cooperates with Mellifera e.V., a German organisation, who since 1985 have devoted themselves to the protection and welfare of bees. Furthermore, ROHA supports research projects each year to combat the threat of the Varroa mite. United in all beecraft products is the distinctive expertise and dedication of the entire ROHA team who treasure the bees unique gift. Ever more ROHA employees train as beekeepers cultivating bee colonies in their free time.

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