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Global innovations and trends in the spotlight at MEDLAB 2018

Article-Global innovations and trends in the spotlight at MEDLAB 2018

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MEDLAB is the flagship exhibition and congress of the MEDLAB Series portfolio, a collection of leading laboratory management and diagnostics exhibitions and conferences worldwide, spanning across the Middle East, Asia, East/West Africa, Europe and the USA.

“MEDLAB is a wonderful opportunity to connect with hospital laboratory colleagues from throughout the MENA region.”
- Fred Schutte,Regional Director,Mayo Clinic Laboratories, United States

“MEDLAB is a unique opportunity for us at Siemens Healthineers to share with our customers, to display our latest innovations, and let them see how we can help them take healthcare to the next level.”
- Romain Fournials, Vice President, Laboratory Diagnostics, Siemens Healthineers, UAE

Come February 5, 2018, and the 18th edition of the MEDLAB Exhibition and Congress will move into its 2nd year as a stand-alone show, looking to welcome more than 25,000 attendees from over 140 countries at what is clearly the largest attended laboratory expo worldwide. Occupying 7 exhibition halls of the Dubai World Trade Centre, the 2018 edition of this annual laboratory meeting celebrates its vigorous growth by presenting a platform to over 600 exhibitors from more than 40 countries, including 13 national pavilions and one unique regional pavilion featuring the city of Berlin.
In addition, the MEDLAB Congress 2018 will also introduce new clinical tracks designed to enhance collaboration between laboratory professionals and clinicians as they come together to discover innovations in medical laboratory testing.

MEDLAB is the flagship exhibition and congress of the MEDLAB Series portfolio, a collection of leading laboratory management and diagnostics exhibitions and conferences worldwide, spanning across the Middle East, Asia, East/West Africa, Europe and the USA.

Showcasing the latest laboratory advancements from all corners of the globe, the year-on-year growth and success of MEDLAB stems from more than 15 years of growth alongside the MENA region’s largest healthcare gathering, Arab Health.

The core specialities of the MEDLAB 2018 exhibitors include: Allergy, Anatomic Pathology, Cardiovascular Disease, Coagulation, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Genetics,
Haematology, Infectious Diseases, Medical Drug Monitoring, Microbiology, Obstetrics/Gynaecology, and Oncology.

Highlights of MEDLAB 2018
Dealers and Distributors Zone: This dedicated meeting area onsite allows medical dealers and distributors to promote the products they are looking to source from exhibitors, as well as provide their contact information. This encourages business relationships between the participating companies and their core audience.

Workshops: Hosted by leading laboratory management and diagnostics companies, the workshops occur onsite on the exhibition floor and offer a more hands-on approach to learning and are tailored to each specific company’s latest findings, technology and best practice.

Scientific Posters: Displaying the latest research from laboratorians worldwide, the scientific poster zone promotes knowledge sharing and networking amongst MEDLAB’s delegates, to congregate and discuss the latest research and developments within the industry to encourage future partnerships.

Country Pavilions: The 2018 edition of MEDLAB will host 13 country pavilions further enhancing the range of hospital equipment, medical equipment, medical devices and medical technology on display at the exhibition. New country pavilions this year include those of Finland and Japan. The other dedicated pavilions are from China, USA, Germany, Austria, Brazil, Poland, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Spain, France and Egypt. MEDLAB 2018 also introduces the concept of a unique regional pavilion with Berlin marking its debut in this category. In addition, the 2018 event will witness increased country attendance from Korea, India and Turkey.

Introducing the Obs-Gyne Zone

MEDLAB, the all-encompassing event for every speciality within the laboratory management and diagnostics spectrum, features the Obs-Gyne Zone this year—the region’s leading expo and congress for obstetricians and gynaecologists. Apart from meeting with more than 80+ international exhibitors at the Obs-Gyne Zone, visitors can also gain knowledge of recent developments in women’s health in the Middle East and build important relationships with key industry stakeholders.

Obs-Gyne also features new and leading obstetrics and gynaecology devices, equipment and solutions. Exhibitors include imaging companies looking to showcase the latest technologies in ultrasound and mammography. Other product areas range from endoscopic, laparoscopic and hysteroscopy equipment to more conventional surgical equipment, cervical cancer screening products to gynae chairs and stretchers. Another area of focus at the exhibition is hospitals, clinics and IVF centres including the numerous cord blood bank and stem cell technology based organisations.

More than 50 speakers from the Middle East, UK and US will also bring international perspectives on medical and health issues prevalent worldwide at the 10th Obs-Gyne Congress. This premier annual scientific women’s health meeting for the Middle East audience, scheduled from 5th to 8th February, features four dedicated educational tracks and is held under the theme, ‘Optimising best practice & research in obstetrics & gynaecology’.

MEDLAB 2018 Congress Overview

In conjunction with the MEDLAB expo is a multi-disciplinary Congress set to attract over 6,500+ local and international delegates. Accredited by Cleveland Clinic Ohio, USA, this year’s congress introduces 17 conference tracks, with the overall theme of unifying clinicians with laboratorians to better improve patient care in the region. Through these multi-disciplinary CME-accredited conferences, the Congress provides education, best practice and the chance to learn, meet and network with leading laboratorians from across the globe, as delivered by over 128 thought-leaders.

MEDLAB Congress 2018 will be introducing 7 new clinical tracks and serves as the ideal platform to come together and discover innovations in medical laboratory testing.
This will aid in accurate interpretation, quick reporting and diagnosis, therefore strengthening each laboratory’s ability to provide clinical decisions and improve the overall quality of service and care.


Laboratory Management 5 February 2018
This conference is designed to provide its audience with a unique opportunity to understand the collaboration of administrative and medical leadership and exchange knowledge about the dynamics of quality management and safety improvement in a medical laboratory of any size, scope, or speciality.

Molecular Diagnostics 5 February 2018
This conference will bring together a balance of industry and academics, so that delegates have the unique opportunity to network with colleagues from different sectors and gain fresh perspectives on the various researches and studies on molecular and non-molecular rapid diagnostic techniques and Next Generation Sequencing.

Haematology 6 February 2018
Focusing on the lab testing and interpretation of treatment of blood-related diseases, this conference provides an opportunity to the delegates to discuss the emerging therapeutic options and recognise the factors that affect the diagnosis, staging, and prognosis of patients’ treatments.

Laboratory Informatics 6 February 2018
As clinicians are likely to become increasingly dependent on direct access to pathology data, the challenge for laboratory scientists is to ensure the timely and effective introduction of IT systems that can meet the needs of modern laboratory medicine. This conference will discuss better solutions on optimal use of pathology services to encourage appropriate test requesting.

POCT - Point-of-Care Testing 6 February 2018
As the only point-of-care event in the Middle East, international and regional speakers will provide a global consensus on the key challenges and best practices for all POCT users while also discussing regulatory aspects, validation and clinical applications to develop skills needed for successful application of POC in a variety of settings.

Clinical Microbiology 7 February 2018
This conference provides a unique platform for the clinical scientists, young researchers, and consultants and will focus on the latest developments in microbiology and immunology and the role of medical laboratory in both the management of infectious diseases and epidemiology of infections.

Clinical Chemistry 8 February 2018
To further develop a thorough understanding of laboratory operations, instrumentation and test availability, this conference will provide laboratory professionals latest solutions for better quality and turnaround time and technology usage.

Blood Transfusion Medicine 8 February 2018
From the management and organisation to the clinical and lab aspects of transfusion, this conference will discuss the global challenges in transfusion transmitted infections and effective tools for improving these practices in the hospital setting.

Histopathology 8 February 2018
This conference seeks to provide participants a comprehensive review of the latest histopathological, cytological and related technical advances, and features a discussion to exchange views regarding the latest research on cell biology using molecular tools and genomic data.


Oncology 5 February 2018
Focusing on topics including non-medical oncology methods, radiation oncology, tumor testing, screening and surgical oncology, this programme serves as being essential to all specialties involved in the care, treatment and management of patients with cancer.

Obs-Gyne 5-8 February 2018
Obs-Gyne this year features a conference programme with four dedicated educational tracks on general women's health, gynae-oncology, foetal medicine and infertility.

Diabetes Testing and Management 5 February 2018
To establish a successful functioning of the patient‐physician-laboratory triangle in interpreting lab tests, this conference will focus on clinical‐laboratory correlations and communication of diagnostic processes.

Endocrinology 6-7 February 2018
A must-attend for everyone involved in the diagnoses and development of endocrine disorders, this conference aims to promote greater collaboration and a stronger working link between the clinician, laboratory, and imaging department to improve the quality of diagnoses and efficiency of working practices.

Cardiology 7 February 2018
As global and regional field leaders present a comprehensive review of new guidelines and share contemporary and novel clinical techniques and strategies, cardiovascular specialists can accrue information enabling the enhancement of their expertise.

Tumour Markers 7 February 2018
This conference deals with advances in biomarkers used in oncology to help detect the presence of cancer and is designed to gather oncologists and lab professionals to better understand application of research findings related to cancer.

Cardiac Markers 8 February 2018
This is the only focused cardiac marker interpretation conference in the region led by clinicians and laboratory professionals which will discuss developments in current and new markers for acute coronary syndrome, atherosclerosis, chronic heart failure and non-cardiac conditions.

Antibiotic Use and Misuse 8 February 2018
Apart from addressing the challenges concerning antibiotic use within the region, and globally, this conference will also discuss the latest developments, innovations, and the corrections necessary to meet the critical need of tackling antibiotic misuse.

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